/SGA discusses zoom burnout, building names and conduct cases.
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SGA discusses zoom burnout, building names and conduct cases.

During the Oct. 14 meeting, SGA president Thomas Dillard announced the current placeholder names for the buildings on campus with problematic names. Comer will temporarily be called Humanities Hall and Bibb Graves will be referred to as the “old gym” until new names have been selected.  

Then Dillard brought up that many of the surveys brought back results suggesting that “Zoom burnout” is common among students. Many attending agreed with the sentiment and stated they would look into it.  

Senate committee reports were also discussed. Academic Affairs committee announced they were looking for better online resources both in current use and possible new ones. Student Residence committee declared they were looking into attaining better lighting around the Tower. 

During the Oct. 21 meeting, student surveys were given to the schools administration and COVID-19 task force by the SGA reported many students still feel relatively safe on campus despite the Zoom burnout comments from the week prior.  

Residential concerns over visitation were then brought up; Thomas Dillard said that at the moment visitation rules are currently remaining the same despite rising case numbers in Alabama.  

In some of the surveys it was also noted that many students are witnessing more violations of COVID-19 procedures, which was backed up when it was announced that the University is seeing the largest number of conduct cases in years.  

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