/FAM hosts cookie bake off 
Graphic by Bell Jackson

FAM hosts cookie bake off 

By Kendall Murray 

On April 11, The Future Alumni of Montevallo held a cookie bake off in Farmer Hall led by FAM’s Assistant Director and Adviser, Laurel Dobbins. Judges included two staff members, faculty members and a student. 

The event organizers were collecting donations by selling cookies. 

“All donations from the event go to the student food pantry, so if a student also wanted to go pick up a toiletry item or a canned good, the money we are getting from this event will go towards the student food pantry,” said Dobbins. 

FAM is a student organization that works with the alumni office, attending and volunteering at alumni events.  

Dobbins said that FAM offers current UM students mentorship opportunities, saying, “I know it can be scary as a college student to think ‘I don’t need a mentor yet,’ but as someone who can guide you, even if you’re working on, let’s say, a job on campus or you’re working on your resume or you’re applying for grad school, that alum is there for you to help guide you and be your friend.” 

Dobbins shared some future developments for the organization. FAM is creating Vice President roles within the alumni office, such as VP of recruitment and VP of philanthropy, to allow students to take ownership of their careers and add valuable experience to their resumes. 

Dobbins wants FAM to foster lifelong connections to UM, encouraging students to give back to the university as alumni. 

“FAM aims to prepare students for the real world, equipping them with the skills and mindset necessary for success in their future careers. The goal is to foster a sense of community and collaboration among the students, with bi-monthly meetings where ideas can be brainstormed and committees can work together to bring these ideas to life,” said Dobbins. 

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