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SGA discusses housing policy and potential improvements on campus

The Nov. 4 SGA meeting started off with an announcement from Student Trustee Annakate Andrasko who attended the Board of Trustees meeting. According to Androsko, if a COVID-19 vaccine has been created by the beginning of the spring semester, it may not be a requirement for students to receive.   Andrasko made a few more announcements: Zoom premium would be made available for both professors and students, the administration is looking into further training in online course delivery for professors, and that treasurer Susan Haze has approved discounting rates for the summer semester.   During the Nov. 11 SGA meeting, senate committees gave meeting reports.  Governmental affairs brought up a desire for a...

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SGA discusses zoom burnout, building names and conduct cases.

During the Oct. 14 meeting, SGA president Thomas Dillard announced the current placeholder names for the buildings on campus with problematic names. Comer will temporarily be called Humanities Hall and Bibb Graves will be referred to as the “old gym” until new names have been selected.   Then Dillard brought up that many of the surveys brought back results suggesting that “Zoom burnout” is common among students. Many attending agreed with the sentiment and stated they would look into it.   Senate committee reports were also discussed. Academic Affairs committee announced they were looking for better online resources both in current use and...

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SGA recap

SGA swore in a new senator for Resident Life, Candler Brown. In the Sept. 16 meeting, Bill: 2021 B-001 B-030, which was titled 2020-2021 Budget and Finance Committee Budget Proposal, was proposed. This bill, like the title implied, reviewed the requested budgets and funding for the student organizations and allocated the funds among the organizations accordingly.  The bill passed with no opposition during the Sept. 23 meeting. It was also announced by SGA President Thomas Dillard that he and Student Trustee Anakate Andrasko would be attending a Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 29 about the renaming of some of the buildings on campus...

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SGA recap September 2 and 9

The first SGA meeting was held on Sept. 2. During executive officer reports, SGA President Thomas Dillard brought up the state of the dining hall, noting lower turnout than usual. Then, the senators brought up possibly acquiring more room in the cafeteria and a stronger push for the to-go option. It was also announced that applications for Mr. & Ms. Montevallo have opened on FalconLink. Another announcement was for an event called “Boom Boom Bingo” which is set to take place on Sept 24. During the Sept. 9 meeting, it was announced that SGA applications would be coming...

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How the caf is handling COVID-19

Photo by Caleb Jones One of the most important parts of a college campus is its cafeteria. Not only is it where students who live on campus go to eat, but the cafeteria is also a good place for the social interaction which is a major part of the college experience.   A reopening task force was put together by the University’s President, Dr. John W. Stewart III.   According to a member of this task force, Director of Dining Services Jason Quarles, planning for the new system began back in April.   “As a member of the University’s COVID-19 task force, I’m in...

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