PRATTVILLE, AL – A man was arrested on allegations of producing meth and evading police on Tuesday, Oct. 28, all thanks to his dog. Edward Henderson was arrested after a chase by police and his mutt Bo, and faces a variety of charges. Bo became part of the incident when police issued a drug search warrant last week at Henderson’s home. Henderson took off and dashed toward a wooded area at the back of his home, the Prattville Police Department stated. Bo, a pitbull-husky mix breed, ran after Henderson after investigators told the dog to “go get him.”

After authorities briefly lost sight of the two, Bo found his owner hiding in tall grass. Authorities noticed the dog’s behavior and arrested Henderson. He is charged with failure to obey police, two counts of unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and possession of drug paraphernalia.


MONTGOMERY, AL – Current Apple CEO and Auburn University graduate Tim Cook spoke on behalf of the class of 2014 inductees into the Alabama Academy of Honors at the state Capitol on Monday, Oct. 29. Cook focused his remarks on the state of Alabama 50 years after the signing of the Civil Rights Act. While expressing his love for his home state, he criticized it for being slow to grant equality to minorities and the poor. Cook said he doesn’t understand why so many politicians in Alabama and the rest of the nation are slow to grant equal rights to everyone, including the LGBT community. “As a state, we took too long to step towards equality,” he said. “We were too slow on equality for African-Americans. We were too slow on interracial marriage, and we are still too slow for the equality for the LGBT community. All of us share the responsibility of making us equal,” he said, adding that we must all work together. Cook confirmed he is gay in a Bloomberg Businessweek editorial he wrote that was published on Thursday, Oct. 30. Cook is now the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
AUGUSTA, MAINE – With the personal backlash of Maine nurse Kaci Hickox and her mandated quarantine period from traveling abroad in Ebola-affected regions, the question of mandatory quarantines exploded into the public debate. Hickox has battled with the governors of New Jersey and Maine over the mandated isolation for the past week, and argued that she has exhibited no symptoms and tested negative for the Ebola virus since returning to the U.S. from Sierra-Leone via New Jersey. In protest, she took a fifteen minute bike ride outside in the open air. “When Gov. Christie stated that it was an abundance of caution, which is his reasoning for putting health care workers in a sort of quarantine for three weeks, it was really an abundance of politics,” Hickox told NBC on Saturday, Nov. 1. “I think all of the scientific and medical and public health community agrees with me on that statement.”

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