Local chocolate chip cookie showdown

Five cookie options were presented to our writers, but only one would be deemed the best. Photo by Waid Jones When confronted with purchasing decisions consumers always want to know they are getting the most out of their money. So, on March 3, members of The Alabamian staff got hungry and sat down to determine the best chocolate chip cookie you could get in Montevallo. The cookies were judged based on taste, mouth feel, chocolate-to-cookie ratio, temp, consistency (between cookies) and were then given an overall score. The contestants were purchased from Lucky’s (Cookie A), McDonald’s (Cookie B), Subway (Cookie C), KFC...

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Gold Side scores and comments

The 2019 Gold Victory cast strikes a pose at the end of opening number, “Welcome to Mayfield.” Photo by Kat Bell Judge 1 Judge 1 is a New York City based choreographer, director, and teacher. Judge 1 is also a member of the Actors Equity Association.  I want to start by congratulating the entire company of “Made in Mayfield or The Milk Man Cometh.” Gold Side, you are clearly at another level of professionalism, and I am in awe of all your diverse talents. Honestly, this show was a picture-perfect example of how to execute modern musical theater.   When I think about your accomplishments on that stage, what is strikingly clear is how fully you thought out every...

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Purple Side scores and comments

The Purple Victory cast points and gasps in shock during opening number “What’s Going on Tonight?” Photo by Kat Bell *Correction: Total points possible is 636, not 634. Judge 1 Judge 1 is a New York City based choreographer, director, and teacher. Judge 1 is also a member of the Actors Equity Association. “Murder En Plastique” has all the magical elements of a theatrical storytelling experience. As soon as the lights go down, a drum beat sets the pulse of our journey, and the audience is instantly pulled into this fantastic (heck, downright joyful!) evening of mystery and mayhem, lyrics...

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Letter from your SGA President

Tori Irvin is a senior majoring in communication science and disorders. Photo by Alyssa Green Dear Montevallo Students,  My name is Tori Irvin, and I am so excited to serve as your SGA President this year! Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a senior preparing for graduation, I want to welcome you back for another year on our beautiful campus.    As I’ve prepared for my senior year, I have been reflecting on my past three years spent here at Montevallo. I wouldn’t trade my time spent here for anything, and I have a few pieces of advice I’ve picked...

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College Night 2018: Judges’ comments

Judge 1: Tech issues obscured much of what audience cheering and screaming and applause didn’t. Obviously, the game-like atmosphere’s integral to and a tradition for College Night, but each side’s supporters should bear in mind that, by drowning out singers and actors at peak moments, muddying punch lines and melodies, they’re actually weakening their show’s performance.   Audiences/judges can only go by what they’ve seen and heard, so moments blurred in the muddle create a drag on the overall intent. Character’s names, motivations, occupations, attitudes … all lost in the noise, so that what rises above are only the broad outlines of a parody. Parody, like most comedy, is in the details. Without fine edges, it’s a watercolor cartoon.   Both shows suffered from sound issues, but they were especially rough on the first performance of Saturday evening, “All in the Swing: A Golden Musical.” And that’s a shame, because as a riff on cornpone musicals such as “Oklahoma,” with a bit of mustache-twirling villainy ripped from silent films, “All in the Swing” maintained consistent energy and amusement levels throughout, and might have been even smarter, had its script and lyrics been clearer. For the future, it’d be interesting to see if the kids could work with an off-stage band, so as to better blend the sound.   Not enough was available, via script or costume, to clearly distinguish...

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