EJI Marker Installed in Montevallo

Lynching Marker in downtown Montevallo. Photo by Zoe Hall. Press Release Courtesy of Kathy King of the Montevallo Community Remembrance Project Montevallo, Ala. – An Equal Justice Initiative historical marker recognizing victims of an 1889 double lynching now stands in downtown Montevallo at the corner of Main and Shelby Streets. A dedication ceremony scheduled for April 2 was cancelled due to COVID-19 health concerns. People are encouraged instead to visit the site in small socially distanced groups.   “We cannot heal the deep wounds inflicted during the era of racial terrorism until we tell the truth about it,” observes EJI director Bryan Stevenson.   Many Montevallo citizens are ready to grapple with the truth about our past. “Although the marker speaks to a dark...

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Shelter-in-place Q&A

What can you do during Alabama’s stay-at-home order?  On Friday, April 3 at 4 p.m. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey issued a state-wide stay-at-home order. The order will take effect on April 4 at 5 p.m.   “The COVID-19 is an imminent threat to our way of life, and you need to understand we have passed urging people to stay at home, it is now the way of life,” stated Alabama Governor Kay Ivey in a press conference.  Many Alabama residents, however, continue to have questions about what they can and cannot do while the order is under effect.  What can you do?  The Governor’s order specifically notes nine reasons that someone is allowed to leave their home:  “To obtain necessary supplies” “To obtain or provide necessary services” “To attend religious services” “To take care of others” “To work” “To engage in outdoor activity” “To seek shelter” “To travel as required by law” “To see family members”  But there are some caveats, that enforce CDC and Federal guidelines for individuals regarding social distancing.  Grocery stores will be limited to their emergency maximum occupancy limits of 50% of their maximum occupancy.  Restaurants are still open but are limited to methods of curbside pickup and delivery. Additionally, on Twitter shortly after the announcement Ivey stated that individuals are encouraged to still utilize these take out services to support their local economies.   Religious services are limited to 10 people, or to “drive-in”...

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College Night Photo Drop

Remember to tag @umalabamian on Instagram, @TheUMAlabamain on Twitter or @TheAlabamian on Facebook College Night Mixer Ribbon Hanging Shirt Reveal Gold Side Sign Moving Pep Rally Sign Raising Volleyball Game Frisbee Women’s Basketball Game Men’s Basketball Game Cheer Gold Show Purple...

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2020 College Night ends in a Purple Victory!

Montevallo’s 2020 College Night competition and Homecoming Celebration ended in a Purple Victory on Saturday, Feb. 8. The Purple’s show, “Witchful Thinking: One Hex of a Musical” or “Get Witch or Die Trying” or “Brew it for the Money” or “A Witch, a Troll and a Knight Walk into a Bar,” beat Gold Side’s “The Golden Days” in Saturday night’s competition. Purple’s victory this year ends a three-year-long streak by Gold Side. Purple Side Summary Fantasy becomes reality as the curtains rise and the overture begins for the 2020 Purple Side production, “Witchful thinking: One Hex of a Play or Get Witch or...

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