Panelists and moderator

Montevallo divided over NDO

The four panelists (pictured above) sought to address the issues of protecting conscience and government intervention. Photo by Jamie Haas On Thursday, Jan. 11, conversation regarding the City of Montevallo’s proposed Non-Discrimination Ordinance continued at…

Gaston berates LeFou

Gay LeFou, La Flop?

Gaston berates LeFou in the classic angry mob scene in Beauty and The Beast.Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” will show the first canonically gay Disney character, LeFou. There has been some backlash from more conservative…


PRATTVILLE, AL - A man was arrested on allegations of producing meth and evading police on Tuesday, Oct. 28, all thanks to his dog. Edward Henderson was arrested after a chase by police and his…

He, she, they: Spectrum’s preferred pronouns

A forum set up to educate university students and faculty on the proper usage of pronouns based on gender identity and expression was hosted by the university's gender/sexuality alliance, Spectrum, on March 12. Read More