/Musician Monty Cole hosts first UM Marquee event
Monty Cole plays the clarinet with piano accompaniment

Musician Monty Cole hosts first UM Marquee event

Musician Monty Cole uses his clarinet to usher in the University’s first Marquee event in Davis Hall.

Upon entering Davis Music Hall on the night of Sept. 23, visitors who had arrived to take in the music of Monty Cole were enveloped by the buzz of the considerable crowd and the sound of jazz.

This event marks the first ever University Marquee event, which Dean of the College of Fine Arts Steve Peters describes as “a series of events designed bring students, alumni, and artists together in order to generate conversation about the arts and inspire learning in order to enrich the Liberal Arts experience.”

Guests experienced a wide range of genres from Cole, who performed on both the alto saxophone and the clarinet throughout his recital. Selections ranged from smooth sonatas to more modern pieces, such as the wild “revival sermon” of “Holy Roller” by Libby Larsen and a series of dances for clarinet. Listeners absorbed moods that fluctuated from feverishly triumphant to contemplative.

Students, faculty, and alumni participated in a reception following the performance where they were able to partake in refreshments and discuss the show. Junior music education major Matt Suddarth commented on the technical quality of the performance, noting how Cole “wonderfully exemplified the baroque and contemporary periods with his musical selections.”

Fellow junior music education major Taylor Kosman commented that watching Cole “makes me want to be a better saxophone player.” Faculty member Dr. Lori Ardovino stated that it was simply enjoyable to experience.

Cole was able to impart advice toward aspiring musicians, stating “Musicians tend to be the worst at understanding how important and unnecessary music is. It has almost zero financial value… so anyone who’s considering a career in music is doing something pretty reckless. But it’s worth it – the music is more important than anything else, so if you really feel like there’s nothing else you could do, you’re going to be fine. You will figure out a way to make it work.”

The next Marquee event will take place on Nov. 11 at 3:00 p.m. in LeBaron Recital Hall and will  feature documentary filmmaker Kirk Saduski as he discusses his creative process and the world of filmmaking in relation to his career and personal experiences.


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