/Good morning to a reopened government

Good morning to a reopened government

After around two weeks, the government shutdown has ended. President Barack Obama signed a bill into law that will reopen all government facilities this morning.

The start of the agreement began earlier on Thursday, when House Republicans, lead by John Boehner, admitted defeat to their concession against Obamacare. They called upon the senate to craft a peace bargain. There are reportedly no concessions for Republicans in the deal.

 “Now is not the time for pointing the fingers of blame. Now is the time for reconciliation,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid after the proposal for the bill hit the floor.

According to the Guardian, the bill’s effects are only temporary. A budget conference will be held on Dec. 13 to extend the patch. Currently, the government will be funded until Jan. 15 and the debt ceiling will be lifted until Feb. 7.

The senate voted 81-18 for the measure. The House followed suit, with 285-144. President Obama signed the bill into law just after midnight, right as the government’s authority to borrow was set to expire.

“The president believes that one of the consequences of these manufactured crises is that time is taken away from the pursuit of other goals that we have as a nation,” said White House Press Secretary J. Carney.


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