“Most hated man on the Internet” indicted

Hunter Moore, creator of the revenge pornography website “Is Anyone Up?”, was indicted on 15 counts, seven of which consisted of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information. Read More

Obamacare woes extend to Alabamians

Obamacare has been one of the most talked about subjects in the United States this year. Capitol Hill has been battling for months and shut down the government about not only whether or not a…

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte Figi, 6, has suffered with Dravet Syndrome since she was 3 months old. This rare diagnosis is a severe form of epilepsy that elongates and increases the amount of seizures in patients. Only 50,000…

News in brief

ANNISTON, ALA—An ABC Beverage store was “haunted” by a man dressed as a ghost Wednesday, Oct. 16. The creepy crook broke through the windows of the store around 6 a.m. He ran through the aisles…

Good morning to a reopened government

After around two weeks, the government shutdown has ended. President Barack Obama signed a bill into law that will reopen all government facilities this morning. Read More

Government enters first shutdown in over a decade

For the first time since December 1995, the federal government is in a shutdown. Congress failed to pass spending bills to fund government activities by the Sept. 30 deadline. The main point of contention between…

Students take a test on Syria

As the nation rallies against Washington's push to enter the Syrian civil war, we went around campus to test UM student's knowledge of the key players. You may be surprised at their responses. Read More