/Middaugh receives College Night dedication

Middaugh receives College Night dedication

This year’s College Night dedication is awarded to Dr. Laurie Middaugh.

Middaugh is the current chair of the College Night committee. Middaugh has also served as the staff accompanist and music director for the music and theater departments for almost 20 years.

Every year, the Purple and Gold Leaders designate the recipient of the dedication. This year, the four side leaders chose Middaugh based on her respect for and immense help with making Montevallo’s famed homecoming tradition the spectacle that it is.

“She appreciates and respects the tradition of College Night. Without her work throughout the year, the game would not happen,” said Gold Side Leader Natalie Bonifay.

Middaugh’s husband Benjamin received the dedication in 2001. They are one of the only couples to both hold the title.

Marion Brown, the director of University events, called Middaugh, “a force of nature.” She said this year’s recipient constantly strives to make the homecoming tradition better and better.

“There is no bigger honor than a student award,” said Brown. “They are your best and worst critics.”

“She is a constant force of warmth and support to all of her students and always has an open door and open arms,” said Purple Side Leader Hannah Stephens.

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