/Two professors killed at Delta State

Two professors killed at Delta State

The Delta State shooting differs from most campus shootings, in that the victim and shooter were both faculty. Photo by Donnie Bennett for The Alabamian.

History professor Dr. Ethan Schmidt was found dead in his office at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS on Monday, Sept 14. He was found hours after he died with a gunshot wound in his head. Shortly after, Schmidt’s friend and colleague Shannon Lamb was identified as the perpetrator. Authorities have yet to discover his motive.

Authorities believe Lamb drove off campus shortly after he shot Schmidt. Officers who were following Lamb reported watching him pull onto the side of a road near Greenville, MS and walk into a heavily wooded area. They heard what sounded like gunshots and found Lamb’s body shortly after. Delta State’s campus went on a lock-down for the remainder of Monday until the end of Tuesday.

Though the shooting was more than a week ago, students and faculty at the University of Montevallo have responded to news of the shooting. Junior Samantha Pullen noted how common school-related shootings have become. “The fact that this happens so frequently has almost dulled my reaction,” she said.

However, Marcia Hamby, a counselor with UM Counseling Services, claims this incident differs from most school shootings because both the shooter and victim were faculty members.

“Campuses are just like any community, and they can have people with all kinds of issues. Some of those could be mental health.” said Hamby.

Unlike many other schools, the University of Montevallo extends the opportunity to receive counseling further than to only students. “Here, we offer access to students, faculty, and staff. That’s not true on all campuses, but it is true here.” said Hamby. “It’s been a sad situation. This was apparently a very beloved faculty member. All of those things bring out that sense of grieving. Anybody’s welcome to come here and talk with one of the counselors.”

To schedule an appointment, call 205-665-6245 or visit the Counseling Services office located in the lower level of Main Hall anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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