/The Olympians are back

The Olympians are back

Courtesy Jenna McCown

“Greek” is a story about the Greek gods discovering a part of what it means to be human.

It begins with the gods waking up from a long sleep. They went to sleep long ago when people lost faith in them. In order to preserve their powers, without having to live on Earth, they all go to sleep — except for Hermes, who stays behind to alert the gods of believers to restore their power. Also, without the gods’ knowledge, Hades stays behind to enjoy his mayhem on Earth, along with Persephone.

Photo by Hannah Stein
Photo by Hannah Stein

This part is told largely by the fates who narrate the show. The gods, minus Zeus because of his temper, are finally awoken by Hermes because a boy, Ben, falls in love at first sight with a girl so beautiful that she must have been made by the gods. Her beauty gives him faith. This faith allows for the gods to have power again.

Hermes wakes them all up, the start of the show. He reveals to the gods who has allowed them to wake up from their slumber. Hera decides they must help the boy, Ben, to get the girl, in order for him to keep his faith. They decide to send Dionysus to help him because he is the only one who resembles the youth of the day.

Meanwhile, Hades and Persephone are planning to keep Ben and Holly apart so they can keep things the way they are, without the gods. So, the rest of the show is Dionysus trying to help Ben be with Holly while Hades tries to stop this from happening.

Finally Hades kidnaps Holly. Dionysus and Ben go to save her while Persephone has a change of heart and runs to wake Zeus who stops all of the nonsense and brings the show to an end with a closing number.

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