/Sweater weather for the better

Sweater weather for the better

Freshman an speech pathology major Katelyn Rose bundles up in a sensational sweater. Photo by Savannah Buttram.

Though it arrived a little later here in Alabama than other places, sweater weather has officially made its debut in all new ways. Here are some tips for keeping warm, layering up and always looking good.

The vintage turtleneck: Seen as a bit dorky in the past few years, turtlenecks are surely making a comeback in a variety of ways. Try pairing a fitted knit with your favorite skinny jeans for a dressed up look. Also try an oversized patterned crewneck with leggings for comfy-casual. As for the guys, thick knit turtlenecks can best be paired with corduroys and your favorite beanie.

The classy cardigan: This is where you truly have room for creativity, as a cardigan can be thrown over nearly anything. While the girls are trying out varying length combinations with dresses, shorts, jeans and cardi’s, the boys should pack on the layers with different textures and lots of color this season.

The ‘90s oversize: For the days that it simply feels too cold to get out from under the covers, the patterns and brights in those throwback ‘90s sweaters are just the thing to start the day with a pop.

The classic vest: Vests are truly a blessing in the fall. You can dress them up with a knit underneath or go for a more casual look by throwing a solid over a plaid flannel.

Staying warm in the brisk winter months, however, does not always come cheap. The best affordable places to find the many layers needed this season can be found at America’s Thrift Store, Old Navy, Target and JC Penney’s in Alabaster. Forever 21 also has great deals on the current season’s pieces, and the Galleria store now has a men’s section as well.

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