/Welcome to the ’90s: Smells like grunge fashion

Welcome to the ’90s: Smells like grunge fashion

Photo by Savannah Buttram

Over the past couple of seasons, crop tops have gone from strictly festival attire to everyday wear, Doc Martens and jelly shoes are no longer reserved for the modern hipster and plaid has taken to the casual as well as the preppy.

Here are some Alabamian tips for acquiring that free spirited look of the nineties with a twist of your own:

  • Distressed denim: Whether it’s a jacket, jeans, a vest or shorts, denim with a worn look combines casual with edge. Though denim on denim is frowned upon by some, the style is once again gaining acceptance with the modern versatility of the fabric.
  • Plaid: This is a favorite pattern for the cooler months as it comes with the notions of coffee, warmth and turning leaves. Adding a plaid flannel, scarf or pleated skirt provides extra comfort through the windier months and a pop of print to a simple ensemble.
  • Combat boots: The combat boot phenomenon has taken over shoe stores across the nation with the old school Doc Martens making a stark reappearance. With cuffed jeans, a pleated skirt and tights  or even the infamous “jorts” for the more daring, combat boots will give the automatic spark of grunge-cool.
  • Waist-tied jacket: Making a dressy piece look a bit more laid back takes only the simple remedy of tying a flannel, denim shirt or other outerwear around your waist. This can be done with shorts and a tee, jeans and oxfords or even a little black dress paired with ankle boots.
  • Leather: Representing the classic “too cool for school” kid, leather not only adds warmth for the coming holiday months but comes with the attitude to start the day off right. A black leather jacket or boots are grunge go-tos, but, if you’re feeling more eccentric, try a red leather jacket or pair of fitted leather pants.
  • Graphic Tees: This is the part where you get to express your fascinations and passions through what you wear, for that is what fashion is all about. Graphic tees go with virtually anything and allow for a projection of who you are and what you love. Whether you are into raiding thrift stores for vintage band merch or sporting your favorite designer’s name for all to see, this simple staple provides comfort and personalization in true form.

Ladies and gentlemen, grunge has officially made its comeback, so pull out your Nirvana t-shirts and allow your hair that carefree look that your mom always scolded you for.

Tip of the week: There is, of course, the apparent issue of rocking your uncle’s old AC/DC tee if you aren’t a “true fan.” Remember that simplicity is key in the grunge look. A solid colored V-neck with a flannel tied around the waist, both available for reasonable prices at Target and most department stores, gives off the cool-kid vibe without the inevitable question, “Have you ever even listened to their first album?”

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