/Bundling up beautifully

Bundling up beautifully

Megan Fournier, Jordan Geeslin and Jessica Russel huddle in warm winter wear during a crisp afternoon. Photo by Jane Goodman.

When it comes to keeping warm in the height of winter, most would argue that layers upon layers of clothing is your only answer. The real trick, however, is much less trouble than undressing three cardigans in class and is only a little more strategic.

Trapping heat within your clothing is what truly blocks out those early morning winds on the way to your 8 a.m. class. Here are some pieces and methods to hold in the warmth and strut your personal style all the same:

The under-appreciated scarf: The past few years have shown scarves to be emphasized as a fashionable accessory, but they are a key piece in winter for their functional warming purpose as well. For supreme comfort, tuck the ends of your scarf into the top of your coat to trap all the heat around your core.

Legwarmers DIY: Sweater leggings and print leggings are slowly losing hype in the fashion world, and clearance racks are overflowing with them. Add extra warmth under your knee-high boots by simply cutting a pair of leggings at the knee and scrunching them where the top of your boot opens. This allows for heat to stay inside the boots and for warm feet, an absolute triumph in the month of January.

Beanies and toboggans: As mentioned before, trapping heat is the trick to having a not-so-miserable walk to morning classes. As most body warmth escapes through the top of the head, beanies and toboggans are a perfect solution to keep that heat inside. With their knit fabric and fitted structure, these hats are both attractive and functional.

Topcoats: No matter how many cardigans you put over your long sleeved shirt, the lightweight openness of casual winter-wear simply won’t cut it in 20 degree weather. Though they are a layer to usually take off once inside, pea coats and trench coats are essential staples for chilled weather. Classic yet timeless, these simple topcoats are sure to hold in the heat, can be matched with nearly any outfit and will last for years.

Button down and knit sweater/sweater vest: A most classy look for the days you are feeling preppy and professional, try layering a sweater or sweater vest over a crisp button down. Cuffing the sleeves and keeping the collar out, you can survive the outdoors with the layers and look sleek all the same.

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