/Supply chain issues stop fried chicken Friday
Graphic by Bell Jackson

Supply chain issues stop fried chicken Friday

By Jayden Presley

The Anna Irvin Dining Hall is unable to continue Fried Chicken Friday for the remainder of the fall 2021 semester. 

Jason Quarles, Director of Dining Services, said the supplier did not send any bone-in chicken since they are out of stock.  

“I’ve got my crew creating an alternate menu for tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 3) based on whatever we’ve got in stock that’s not assigned to a menu before our next delivery on Monday,” said Quarles. “We’ll get that loaded into Dine on Campus soon and will post some signage in the dining hall today to alert students as well.” 

Quarles is glad the dining hall made it to the last week of the semester before running out of bone-in chicken. He said the shortage will continue with disposable dining products such as paper plates, cups and carry-out boxes. 

He said the dining hall uses 5000 cups a week. Quarles said the shortage resulted in buying foam cups to make ends meet, despite UM’s environmental impact policy. 

“Don’t be surprised if you see red Solo cups from Walmart (which have no lid option) before we get out for Christmas,” said Quarles. “I know some students have complained about the cups in the dining hall, the size or the fact there is no lid, and I wanted to explain why things are as they are right now.” 

The supply shortage is not only affecting the UM dining areas. With the holidays complicating the supply chain, and COVID lowering the spending rates, the U.S. is facing backed up cargo docks in Southern California.  

According to David Lynch from The Washington Post, “the goods pipeline won’t really operate normally until Americans return to their traditional spending patterns, abandoned amid the pandemic. And there is no sign such a shift is imminent.” 

Quarles said his priority is getting the disposable cups to Pita Pit, since fountain drinks are required by the company. He said students who eat in the dining hall may have a different size cup or not have a lid. 

Quarles said he is hopeful things return to some sense of normalcy soon, since it has been a real challenge this semester ensuring basic food items on a daily basis. 

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