/Stewart dedicates new 3-D building on homecoming

Stewart dedicates new 3-D building on homecoming

President Stewart thanked several alumni benefactors for their contributions to UM’s new 3-D arts building. Photo by Katie Compton.

It was a cold Valentine’s Day morning, but a crowd still gathered in front of the new 3-D Building and waited.

President John Stewart opened the speeches with a reminder of the campus leash laws and an apology for the appearance of his dog on the scene. He went on to describe “how deep in Montevallo’s ethos” the fine arts are, and to thank those who contributed to the building.

Those thanked were Barbara Blackerby and her husband Conrad, who contributed to the ceramics workshop. The workshop, titled the The H. Conrad and Barbara Blackerby Ceramics Studio, is named after the two alumni.

Chris and DeAnna Smith contributed funds to the creation of the Donald G. McCarley Metal Workshop. Stewart gave a quick introduction of both, explaining how he met them and grew to know them before being followed up by Dean of Fine Arts Steve Peters.

Peters spoke about Montevallo’s deep commitment to the arts and how the quality of our lives is deeply connected to the arts. After speaking, Stewart cut the purple and gold ribbon with help from Barbara Blackerby and Aiden Smith, the Smith’s young son.


A previous version of this article that ran on Thursday, Feb. 26 incorrectly stated the following:

  1. The ceramics workshop in the new 3D building is named after married UM alumni Barbara and Conrad Blackerby. Previously, the article stated that the ceramics workshop was named after Barbara’s father.
  2. The metal workshop is named after UM alumna DeAnna Smith’s father, Donald G. McCarley. Smith and her husband Christopher contributed funds to the construction of the building. Previously, the article combined the name of Smiths and never mentioned that the metal workshop was named after DeAnna Smith’s father.
  3. The dean of the College of Fine Art is Steve Peters. Previously, the article incorrectly referred to him as Steve Peterson.


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