/Korean Culture Club leads Running Man event

Korean Culture Club leads Running Man event

Korean Culture Club’s Running Man allowed participants to play several zany Korean games like Random Dance Play and Dungulge. Photo by Jane Goodman.

Bibb Graves provided the space for a wild and energetic event March 18. The Korean Culture Club (KCC) hosted their third annual Running Man event.

A competition open for other University groups to compete in, this event serves as one of KCC’s fundraisers for the semester. The proceeds from their fundraising will go to benefit the nine remaining comfort women of South Korea. These women are the last remaining women who were used by the Japanese government during World War 2 for the sexual pleasure and comfort of their soldiers. The Japanese government denies the existence of these women.

“Every Wednesday they sit outside the Japanese embassy in South Korea in protest. It’s ironic that our event fell on a Wednesday,” said KCC member Rebecca White

Three groups participated in the competition. Members from The Whovian Society, Secular Student Alliance (SSA) and Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) all took part in the games. Money was raised through entrance fees of five dollars from the groups and from Korean snacks for sale at the event.

The competitors engaged in several activities. First was a game called Dungulge, where everyone held hands to make a circle and skipped to the right. The mediator shouted a number and the participants broke the circle, trying to make a group of that number. The game was loud, with feet stomping on the hardwood as players attempted to grab their team members in order to win the first game.

It ended in a tie between Whovian Society and Fiji, which was broken in Whovian Society’s favor after a counting game. Among the other games was Bottle Caps, where players attempted to get a soda bottle cap closest to the end of a table. Another was Number Squats, where the mediator called out a number and only that many people could stand up at a time.

The most energetic games were Snake, Random Dance Play and Running Man. Snake was a game played by two teams at a time, where the two leaders faced each other and held hands while the end of the lines, the two tails, attempted to grab the nametags off the opposition. Random Dance Play was a dance off where the groups watched various Korean pop videos and attempted to recreate the choreography.

The event’s games ended with Running Man. Each player had a name tag, and the objective was to rip off other players nametags and be the last man standing.

The rankings at the end of the event were Whovian Society in third place, SSA in second and Fiji in first place. The first place trophy was a glass bottle filled with origami stars and each place received various Korean candies as prizes.

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