/Sigma Alpha Iota hosts Spring Musicale

Sigma Alpha Iota hosts Spring Musicale

Courtney Moody plays trumpet with staff accompanist Laurie Middaugh on piano during Sigma Alpha Iota’s Spring Musicale in LeBaron Recital Hall. Photo by Jane Goodman.

On March 16, Sigma Alpha Iota, a non-panhellenic Greek fraternity for students interested in music, hosted their spring musicale to showcase the talents of their members in the LeBaron Recital Hall.

The evening started with Kayla Shelton playing her clarinet, accompanied by Laurie Middaugh on piano. The piece Shelton chose began somber and was played in a minor key, but then brightened toward the end with a combination of fast and slow melodies. Once Shelton finished her piece, she left the stage with Middaugh.

Next to the stage was Chandler Cox with her clarinet, also accompanied by Middaugh on piano. Cox’s selection started slow and then picked up speed throughout. This piece showed a wide range of instrumental abilities with Cox’s fingers quickly maneuvering from key to key, demonstrating precision with speed.

Next to entertain was Courtney Moody with her trumpet, accompanied by Middaugh. Moody had another slow start for a song, but ended with a joyful and slightly majestic sound.

Alexus Turner played violin accompanied by Bryan Pallotta on piano. Turner’s music had a light-hearted sound that almost invited the feet to dance. The song was upbeat and never lost speed throughout.

Katelyn Tunnell closed out the instrumental performances with a solo on her clarinet. Like each of her predecessors, Tunnell’s music showed great variation in skills and held members of the audience captive with her song.

The musicale ended with a vocal performance of the fraternity’s song, “Alpha Mu.”

Each singer stood on stage in a row and Middaugh accompanied them with piano.

Immediately following the musicale, a reception was held in the Fraser Seminar Room where audience members were able to mingle with the members of the Sigma Alpha Iota.

Sigma Alpha Iota meetings are Mondays at 4:30 p.m. and are open to any students who have completed a music course at UM.

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