/SGA discusses budget
Graphic by Bell Jackson

SGA discusses budget

By Harrison Neville 

The SGA voted on one of its most impactful pieces of legislation for the year on Wednesday, Sept. 22, when they approved the 2021-2022 budget year for student organizations. The bill was presented to members of the senate by SGA President Anakate Andrasko, along with members of the budget and finance committee.  

Junior Senator Josie Shaw inquired about the amount of money being dedicated by SGA to College Night. In Shaw’s opinion, $1,000 split between the sides was not enough to cover all of the expenses for College Night. 

Shaw still voted to pass the bill, explaining that while she thought $1,000 was “pretty minimal,” it was not worth tabling the budget for. 

During the discussion, SGA advisor Jenny Bell made a point of order to explain that College Night had not requested any additional funding. 

Andrasko also made a point of order to explain that College Night receives additional funding outside of the funds provided by SGA. 

When asked about the SGA funds, Marion Brown, Director of College Night, expressed surprise at the existence of additional funds from the SGA. Brown explained each side was given a budget of $2,000 by the College Night Committee to spend during the season, and that she was unaware of any additional funding provided by SGA.  

According to Bell, SGA sends the money budgeted for College Night directly to the College Night Committee.  

Several potential bills were discussed in senate committees and reported to the rest of senate.  

Academic Affairs is currently working on a bill to extend the hours of operation for the library. Governmental Affairs is polling students regarding COVID-19 in preparation for a bill relating to COVID-19 accommodations. Sponsors of the potential bill explained that the bill would examine how professors could provide better accommodations for students missing classes due to COVID-19, as well as ask professors to consistently provide plans for how classes would proceed in the event that they themselves became infected with COVID-19.  

The Campus Life Committee said they were working on a bill to extend Einstein Bros. Bagel’s hours. Students Rights Committee said they were working on a resolution regarding transgender students’ rights, particularly bathroom rights, residential housing rights and officially changing names. 

Andrasko announced that the next SGA town hall will be hosted on Oct. 27 in the Farmer Hall meeting room.  

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Harrison Neville is the previous Editor in chief for The Alabamian. He is a fourth-year English major whose hobbies include reading, hiking, cooking and writing. He has previously worked for The Alabamian as a managing editor, distribution manager, copy editor and SGA columnist.