Harrison Neville

Spain Park teens a symptom of nationwide ill

Oh boy. Here we go again. I received a text from my brother on Monday, March 4: “Do you know about the Spain Park video?” So, I got on YouTube and typed in “Spain Park Video.” It was the first thing that came up. If you look up just “Spain Park” the first thing to come up will be commentary on the video.   And now comes the outrage, the shock, the guilt and the cover-up. There’s always a cover-up, quick actions taken by various people to dismiss or sweep what happened under the rug, to convince everyone that the problem has been addressed and all is well.  There seems...

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Scott Dillard speaks at SGA Town Hall

Dillard used the Town Hall as an opportunity to keep students up-to-date on local legislation. Photo by Harrison Neville It is an easy matter for students to become so wrapped up in college life that they miss out on the events occurring in their own state’s legislatures. At the Feb. 21 SGA town hall, UM’s Vice President of Advancement and External affairs, Scott Dillard, informed students on some of the topics being discussed by the Alabama legislature in the State Capital, Montgomery, and how they might affect Montevallo students.   According to Dillard, a current hot topic in the state legislature is the infrastructure bill. Commonly...

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Faculty Senate debates changing calendar for 2020-2021

SGA President Tori Irvin presenting survey results to Faculty Senate. Photo by Harrison Neville Recently, the SGA senate released a survey to the student body polling their numbers to see how many students would be open to the idea of having a shorter summer break in exchange for a longer Thanksgiving break.   The SGA does not have the authority to make such a change themselves, so after approving it, they sent it on to Faculty Senate.  At the Jan. 31 senate meeting, faculty members met to hear SGA president Tori Irvin present the survey’s findings.   At the time of the meeting, just over...

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App review: DC Universe

When the news first hit the internet that DC would be launching its own streaming service, I was mad.  Like many DC devotees, I had been eagerly following the news related to fan-favorite show, Young Justice (which was cancelled on Cartoon Network in 2013), in the hopes that DC would finally give it the third season that many fans had so ardently longed for.   I am sure that I was not alone in feeling disappointed when it was announced that instead of DC continuing the show on Netflix, it would be launching its own streaming service.   “Great,” I thought. “I don’t want...

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Bi-weekly SGA recap

The Jan. 23 Senate meeting began with an executive officer report presented by SGA President Tori Irvin regarding a survey sent out to the student body gauging the interest in extending the University’s Thanksgiving break in exchange for a shorter summer.   The survey stated that students would need to give up five days of summer for an additional two days added to Thanksgiving break. Many students questioned why they would lose five days and only gain two; President Irvin explained that the five days would also include a fall break for UM.  Due to the supportive feedback provided by the student body, Irvin intends to present the results of the survey to the Faculty Senate on Feb. 1.   Next, the senators discussed a piece of legislation tabled the week prior, Bill: 1819-B-038. This bill would change the rules governing the future elections of Mr. and Ms. Montevallo. Currently, candidates for Mr. and Ms. Montevallo are not allowed to run campaigns, and any activity interpreted as such can result in candidates being struck from the ballot. The newly proposed bill would allow the top six candidates for Mr. and Ms. Montevallo the opportunity to campaign; it was passed uncontested by the Senate.   The Senate then moved on to new bills, beginning with Bill 1819-B-039, which requested $500 to help the Athletics Department purchase the 400 t-shirts ordered for Pack the SAC.   Several SGA members criticized the Athletics Department both for the tardiness of the request and for their decision to buy the t-shirts before appropriating all the necessary funds.   The bill passed with a contested vote of eight for the motion, four against and four abstained votes.   The final bill presented to the Senate was Bill 1819-B-40, which would...

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