Harrison Neville

“The more things change, the more things stay the same”

Photo by Anna Grace Askelson. There is a well-known expression first coined by French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” In English, we generally translate this to mean “the more things change, the more they still stay the same.”   This often-depressing expression is one that seems ever present in my thoughts of late as I consider the current situation in America, particularly the murder of Breonna Taylor.   Because the truth of the matter is that Taylor’s death was not something unheard of or isolated. It was not something that had not occurred in the past. It was not a surprise.   On...

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Breonna Taylor protest in Montevallo

Photo by Anna Grace Askelson. On March 13, Breonna Taylor was fatally shot in her Louisville residence by police officers using a no-knock warrant. The death of Taylor sparked protest in Louisville and across the nation, adding to the current level of civil unrest revolving around civil rights.   On Sept. 23, former Louisville Metro Police officer Brett Hankison was indicted with three charges of wanton endangerment due to the shots he fired during the raid that struck a neighboring residence with three people inside. He has pleaded not guilty.  On Sept. 27, a small protest against Taylor’s death and subsequent...

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PS238: Not your average superhero story

Aaron Williams, “PS238” Issue 19. In the cliché filled genre of capes and tights, Aaron Williams’s “PS238” stands out as something unique in a sea full of well written tropes.   While Williams’s artwork shows the well-polished nature of an experienced writer, this is not what most noticeably sets his work apart. The thing about “PS238” that most noticeably sets it apart is the fact that its story revolves around a group of children attending Public School 238, the school for metaprodigy children.   Metaprodigy, of course, is this universe’s slang for superpowered kid. While this might seem to fall into the same trope of...

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Iron Harvest Review

Graphic by Bell Jackson When I was about six years old, my father decided that it was far past time he taught me and my sister, who was eight, how to play strategic board games. He sat the two of us down and placed a well-used copy of “Lord of the Rings Risk” on the table. Over the next few hours, I fell in love with “Risk.”  “Risk” is a game that gets a bad reputation among hobby gamers for its reliance upon dice instead of a less random system for combat, but for me it has always been the core of my...

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2020 Spring graduates views on cancelled commencement

Photo by Kathryn B Photography. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the University of Montevallo originally delayed commencement until Aug. 7, but announced recently it would be postponed again.   A survey sent out to graduated seniors asked if they would prefer to have a recognition video or to postpone commencement and have an in-person ceremony.   Many, like psychology graduate Carrie Wells, feel strongly about holding the official celebration.   “I would absolutely attend commencement at a later date, even if it takes a year!” said Wells. “I am looking forward to starting my new job and will celebrate officially whenever I can wear...

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