/Purple Side show casts the wrong spell

Purple Side show casts the wrong spell

It was a wild time traveling ride for Purple Side in the Big Apple.

In this year’s Purple Victory performance “Showtime,” Purple Side casts a spell over Palmer auditorium that crash lands us (and a fascinating mix of characters) in the middle of New York City.

Our journey is led by the emcee, who introduces us to sisters and princesses Eliza and Penelope. Eliza is on the verge of becoming queen of the kingdom no matter how much she doesn’t want to. Across the world, we also meet Levi and his friend Huck, two Oklahoma cowboys.

Enter a disgruntled king, who is searching for a way to restore prosperity to his subjects and his land. But don’t be fooled – his intentions are anything but selfless. After having his servant capture a witch and seizing her wand, the king casts a spell that goes completely awry.

Suddenly, we are transported to present-day New York City where Eliza, Penelope, Levi, Huck and the witch have been magically deposited. They are accompanied by a hodgepodge of characters including a mime, a ballerina, sailors, nuns, flapper girls, paperboys, greasers and two mischievous cats.

The disoriented ensemble stumbles around the city streets performing “A Story To Tell” as they express their curiosity for the new land they’ve entered, which they soon discover is New York. The witch explains that her wand was stolen and she cannot send them all home without it.

The stress of the situation starts taking a toll on the pack, which results in a fist fight between the cats and the Penelope. The group scatters when a cop arrives on the scene. Eliza narrowly avoids arrest with the help of Levi, and the couple flees.

Flash back to the king, who reveals his plan to get back on top by marrying Princess Eliza in his ego-stroking theme song, “I’ll Conquer You.”

After escaping the police and trying hot dogs for the first time, Eliza and Levi confess to each other how unsatisfied they are with their lives back home. They sing to each other in “Fly Away With Me,” which ends in a kiss.

Nugget and Lola, the brother-sister cat duo we met earlier, have made their way to a subway station where they perform a dance in hopes of getting some money. When they come up short, the king appears and pays the nefarious felines to capture Eliza for a “surprise wedding.” The trio performs “Here, Kitty, Kitty” as they unfold their wicked plan.

Later, the characters gather at Huie’s Bar to discuss their next plan of action. Cowboy Huck is determined to make it back to Oklahoma, with most of the others agreeing that they don’t belong in New York. Princess Penelope convinces them that they should embrace the situation and try to have some fun. The cast breaks out into “Raise a Little Hell,” an upbeat, alcohol-fueled party anthem.

Levi then attempts to stop the already intoxicated Eliza from having any more drinks, but she tells him to back off. The two argue before Eliza runs off to hurl.

Nugget and Lola show up at the bar where they immediately spot Penelope. Thinking that she is the princess the king has requested, they plan to kidnap her. The cats receive a phone call from the king, who gives them until midnight to find someone to officiate the wedding between him and Eliza. Luckily, there just so happens to be three nuns in the drunken ensemble.

After scolding Levi for letting Eliza run off into the city alone, Penelope goes to search for her. She comes across the cats and is distracted by their cuteness just long enough for them to capture her.

Meanwhile, the group has had yet another run-in with the police after a noise complaint at Huie’s Bar. This time, the cop arrests the lot of them and sticks them in a cell at the New York Correctional Facility. Mother Superior, the main nun, is shortly released in order to officiate the king’s wedding.

Levi expresses his regret for letting Eliza go. She then shows up at the jail and the two reconcile with a kiss. Lead by Huck, who is now determined to rescue Penelope, the ensemble performs a riotous breakout song, “Jailhouse Rhythm,” and escapes the cell.

Nugget and Lola return to the king with the captured nun and princess. Initially, he is angry that they did not bring Eliza, but goes through with the wedding anyway once he realizes it doesn’t matter which princess he marries.

Right as the ceremony starts, Huck barges in and offers Eliza in exchange for Penelope. The king accepts, and Eliza enters with a sack over her face. He removes it, revealing Levi wearing Eliza’s gown. Levi punches him in the face and the cast celebrates. But the king brandishes the witch’s wand and directs it at the group, determined to have his wedding. Enter the witch, who gets her wand back with ease as the characters seize the king and the cats.

The characters, who have grown to be friends, realize they can all go home now that the witch has her wand. Eliza announces that she is staying, as she has found her real home in New York City with Levi. In turn, Penelope will become queen of the kingdom and asks Huck to return there with her. The two share a kiss and the cast breaks into a bold and energetic finale, “We’re Heading Home,” letting the audience know that even though the show is over, their story has just begun.

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