/Gold Side’s new leader takes the reigns 
Graphic by Bell Jackson

Gold Side’s new leader takes the reigns 

By Rachel Raiford 

Last spring, Gold Side elected two leaders, Anna Brasfield and Nick Lyles. However, only Brasfield led the side into the new school year.  

Although this was an unexpected change, Brasfield seemed to persevere. While some took to social media to criticize the leader, others stepped in to back her and the side. 

Cole Broadhead, a member of Gold Side’s Cabinet, has praised Brasfield’s efforts to “communicate and promote unity” during their time of uncertainty. 

“Although it is unfortunate, I’m proud that my leader has shown that she is willing to put in the work needed for a victory,” Broadhead said. “I believe we will stay true to always allowing room for one more Gold while giving a new leader the chance to show their devotion to the side.” 

Throughout Welcome Week, Gold Side stayed active despite being down a team member. They even took to their Instagram account to announce when they would be presenting a new leader. On Aug. 28 Gold Side unveiled their new addition to the leader team. Abi Dewilde joined Brasfield in leading the side for the 2024 season. 

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to get deeper into our side with such a passionate and driven team member,” Dewilde said. 

Both leaders are headed into the year with a positive outlook, despite their recent trials. Their announcement was long-awaited by their “Loyal Golds,” and many have expressed their excitement for the upcoming season. 

“We are at a good growing point and this will definitely propel us in the right direction,” said Brasfield. 

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