/In memory of Libby

In memory of Libby

By Harrison Neville

On January 22, 2022, Elizabeth Ellen Delean Warren, better known as Libby, passed away. Libby was in her first semester at the University of Montevallo, and was a transfer student from Jefferson State University. The cause of death was sudden cause of death in epilepsy. 

Friends and family of Libby described her as an incredibly happy individual who was a joy to be around.  

“Libby lived life, carefree and to the fullest,” her mother, Crystal Warren, told The Alabamian.  

The sentiment was echoed by Melissa Higgins, a friend who first met Libby at church. Higgins called Libby “a beautiful friend who loved and brought a smile when she entered the room!” 

Libby was known by her friends as someone who lived a life largely unburdened by opinions of others. 

“She didn’t care what people thought she just lived her life!” said Ashley Aguilar, Libby’s cousin.  

Jessica Thames, who described herself as one of Libby’s closest friends since 8th grade, said, “she was just SO sweet and VERY encouraging…wouldn’t know what I would do without that girl! Love my Libby!!!” 

It wasn’t just friends who noticed Libby’s joyous approach to life. Fran Pinson, one of Libby’s high school teachers, reached out to The Alabamian to share her experiences.  

“Libby was one of those students that wanted to be a part of everything,” said Pinson. “She volunteered for all those things no one else wanted to do. If it needed to be done, you could count on Libby. She was a joy to have in my classes.”  

Joy is a common word used by Libby’s friends to describe her, and Libby was not short on friends. According to her mother, Libby never met a stranger, and she was always interested in meeting new people.  

Hannah Yates, one of Libby’s friends from Chilton County High School shared that she met Libby one day when she was sitting alone at lunch and Libby decided to come sit with her.  

Thanks to their friendship, Yates said, “I was ready to go to school see her because she gave me positivity in myself.” 

Alyssa Borden, a student at UM, first met Libby in January and described her as inspirational.  

“I never realized how much someone can positively impact your life in such a short time,” said Borden. “She became such a light and inspiration to me in just two short weeks.” 

Kacy Herron was a friend of Libby’s from JSU, who also transferred to Montevallo. She came to UM a semester before Libby, so the two reconnected through Herron showing Libby around campus.  

“She was a light that lit up a dark room with her smile, positivity, energy, as well as her determined, and Godly-living self.” said Herron.  

Libby’s life left a clear impact upon those around her. Her mother said she wants others to remember her by choosing to “live like Libby.” 

“Live like there’s no tomorrow…make a new friend,” said Warren. “Reach out and grab life by the horns and live with it.” 

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Harrison Neville is the previous Editor in chief for The Alabamian. He is a fourth-year English major whose hobbies include reading, hiking, cooking and writing. He has previously worked for The Alabamian as a managing editor, distribution manager, copy editor and SGA columnist.