/Hoang wins SGA presidency
Tanya Hoang and opponent Eddie Davis embrace after Hoang's victory

Hoang wins SGA presidency

“It’s all still so surreal,” Hoang beamed minutes after the election results were announced. “I’m thrilled to work with the newly elected exec board and am so thankful for all of my supporters throughout this.”

Hoang won 55 percent of the vote against SGA president pro tempore Eddie Davis and vice president Jonathan Evans.

Both of Hoang’s opponents rushed to hug and congratulate her after the announcement.

Other winners include newly elected SGA vice president Ondrea Lee and senior class president Quincy Hall.

SGA senators were also announced. Adulting returning senator will be Emily Pennington, commuter senator is Ryan Baker. and minority senator is Zoyla Pinacho.

Arts and science department senators are Davonte Chamblin, Rebecca Hendrix, Morgan Heumann, Daniel Kenders and Racheal Ward.

Those elected as education senators are Amie Ballenger, Jose Hilario and Kailan Parker.

The two fine arts senators will be Courtney Boyd and Sydney Fant.

Sophomore class senators are Kadejia Cheatom, Anna Dennis and Marc Tucci. Senators for the junior class are Corey Johnson, Layla Khan and Taylor Teems. Finally, the 2014 senior senators are Sara Clink, Savanna Gun and Alyse Hartdegen.

During the SGA debate on March 17, Hoang promised students that she would be an advocate for the student body and use their feedback to promote change.

She said her time on SGA and as UPC coordinator has taught her much about how to manage her time, and promised to make needed adjustments for next year. Though Hoang has always been very active on Purple side, she said being a Green president will allow her to contribute to the whole student population instead of just a portion.

During the debate, junior Andrea Dillingham asked all of the candidates what their theme song for the next two semesters would be. Hoang’s answer? “Circle of Life” from the “Lion King.”

When asked how she felt about the election results, current SGA president Rachael Swokowksi had high hopes for the next year.

“With two years of being UPC president, I’ve done a great job facilitating teamwork. I plan to use those same skills to empower people to instill change.” Hoang said confidently during the debate.

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