/Gold Side wins with “Big Easy”

Gold Side wins with “Big Easy”

The Gold Victory cast performs in the song “Leave it Behind”. Photo by Jasmyne Ray.

It’s a bright sunny day in 1950’s New Orleans, Louisiana when Marilee Montelimar comes to town to settle the estate of her recently deceased Aunt Pauline.

Pauline Montelimar was a known aristocrat in the Big Easy, and her estate may or may not hold a valuable treasure called “The Blood Diamond.” The talk around town is that the jewel possesses mystical powers that can either help or harm depending on the owner.

The city streets come to life with the unfortunately fortunate news of Montelimar’s death. Various residents declare their interest in obtaining the treasure, including the villainous Vella Delavinge.

Beauregard “Beau” Devereau is the attorney assigned to help the young Marilee set up an estate sale. As the two talk, a budding, no-business romance blossoms.

Back at Delavinge’s abode, she begins hatching a plot to steal the Blood Diamond with the help of a trio of earnest and eager thespians titled Acting Troupe #2604. The wizened debutante convinces the actors to don disguises as the ancient ancestors of Montelimar. In the song “Fear Is Fun,” she insists that the frightened townspeople will be too distracted to notice her heisting the jewel.

Beau and Marilee convene at Ms. Darby’s Place to have a bite to eat, only to be berated by nosy New Orleans residents interested in the whereabout of the Blood Diamond.

In a flash of jazz horns, a massive dance number ensues. The message of this number, titled “Leave It Behind,” is that instead of focusing on the treasures found in the late Montelimar’s house, the townspeople should treasure what they already have.

The day of the estate sale comes, and all of the town is gathered to sort through Montelimar’s items. After a motor-mouthed auction led by Officer DuPont, Acting Troupe #2604 makes an entrance from beyond the grave, claiming to be the ghostly visages of Montelimars past.

The devilish Delavinge takes control of the Blood Diamond and forces the horrified residents into a haunted hoe-down while Marilee and Beau steal away.

The pair’s discovery of abandoned make-up and cue cards leads them to uncover Vella and her cronies as frightful frauds.

The town awards Marilee the key to the city for her acts of bravery and Beau follows by asking her to stay in the Big Easy with him.

“Diamond in the Rough” ends with a big final jazz jamboree.

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