/Gold Side wins first College Night ultimate frisbee game

Gold Side wins first College Night ultimate frisbee game

Gold spectators hold up a spirit sign in support of their side during gameplay. Photo by Donnie Bennett.

Feb. 7 was a bright, breezy day on the UM varsity soccer fields. Purples and Golds alike made their way to the fields for the first ever College Night ultimate frisbee game.

The matchup was a dance of dives and sharp turns. Gold Side scored first to cheers and chants. The game was interrupted when a Gold Side cheerleader passed out.

The players continued but were held up again when University President John Stewart’s dog took the field. Attempts to catch the runaway pet were unsuccessful and resulted in a short pause in gameplay.

Gold Side eventually won the game 12-4. Purple Side rallied on the field despite the lost, congratulating and supporting their players.

Purple Side player Andrew Birikorang described his experience as “Fun, it was the first time we ever did this and I really enjoyed it”.

Gold Side player Will Grantham described his admittedly limited experience as “Enjoyable. There was a mixup and I didn’t get to play so I’m only here so I don’t get fined.”

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