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Freshman advising

The time has come for freshmen to experience the advising process. During this crucial period, students meet with their advisers to decide what classes they want to take next semester and discuss when they plan to graduate.

There are many things freshmen need to know before the advising process begins. First, identify who your adviser is. Students can find their adviser by logging into forUM—student information is listed under “Banner” and “Student Records.”

Harold Hamilton, Associate Professor of Business and winner of the inaugural Faculty Advisement Award, said he prefers that all students look over their program checksheet before they meet with their advisers. Students can locate their checksheet by going to legacy.montevallo.edu—under “Academics,” “Academic programs,” and, finally, “Checksheets.”

There, they will find their course of study. Clicking on the blue clipboard will open the appropriate checksheet. One of the best ways to keep up with the classes you have taken is to check them off on your checksheet as you take them.

Another thing freshmen need to know is when to set up a meeting time with their professor.
“Make your appointments early,” said Amanda Fox, associate registrar. Registering early will allow you to get the classes you want.

However, there is no guarantee you will get all of them. Many students try to register early, and not everyone is satisfied with the results. Keep in mind that you may be able to get high-demand classes once the spring semester arrives because students drop and add courses throughout the first week. When you go to meet with your adviser, it is best to have an idea of what you want to take. Advisers are simply here to guide you along the way with advice about your course of study.

“It’s up to you to be sure that you are following the program,” said Hamilton.

Registration for freshmen will begin Thursday, Nov. 14 at 8 a.m., but Kathy Burling, associate registrar, said not to log in before that time—logging in before 8 a.m. will keep you from registering because the system already knows that you are in forUM. But once you log out and log back in, the page will be refreshed and you will be able to register.

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