/City of Montevallo Passes Mask Resolution
Graphic by Bell Jackson

City of Montevallo Passes Mask Resolution

Graphic by Bell Jackson

Effective as of Tuesday, June 23, the City Council of Montevallo passed a resolution mandating the wearing of face coverings in public spaces.  

The resolution recognized the emergency declarations by local, state and national authorities, and cited that, as of that day, Shelby County had 741 confirmed cases and 21 deaths related to COVID-19. 

While certain businesses within the city have reopened, city officials stated that maintaining social distancing, as well as the use of a facial covering, aids in slowing the spread of COVID-19. 

“This is not a partisan issue – it is a health issue,” the resolution stated. “It is in the best interest of the public peace, health, welfare and safety, and to preserve the lives and protect health and wellbeing of citizens of the City of Montevallo that masks, consisting of at least simple cloth face coverings, be worn.” 

Face masks will not be required outdoors if there are fewer than 10 people gathered while social distancing, in vehicles, when working alone in separate office spaces, when exercising alone outside or when eating or drinking. 

The resolution also defined facial covering as “a device to cover the nose and mouth of a person to impede the spread of saliva or other fluids.” It suggested that coverings could be made from items such as scarves or bandanas. 

The requirement applies to “employees, customers and clients of businesses within the City.” 

The University of Montevallo has since released a statement in support of the city’s efforts and has confirmed that the resolution also applies to on-campus spaces.  

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