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SGA rallies for higher education in Montgomery

SGA President Tori Irvin does a celebratory dance with UM mascot Freddie the Falcon. Photo by Ariel Hall Thursday, April 4, marked the 2019 iteration of Higher Ed Day, an advocacy event where student representatives from public universities across the state of Alabama discuss the importance of higher education with leaders and legislators on the steps of the capitol building.  “Higher education impacted my life because I never really saw myself to my full potential and I never understood what I could be. Once I got here, I really understood that the reward of getting that education is something no one can ever...

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2019-20 SGA candidates debate in Farmer

SGA VP candidate Madison Hollon addresses the crowd. Photo by Ariel Hall Current Administrative Vice President of SGA Justin Barrick and SGA President Tori Irvin led the annual debate for prospective SGA officer candidates on Monday, March 11.  First up was Olivia Eldridge, a junior chemistry major and the sole contender for SGA president.   Eldridge has been involved with SGA for three years, first getting started with freshman forum and then climbing the ladder, serving as executive secretary her sophomore year and as vice president this past year.  The three points of her platform were involvement, advertising and development. One of her main focuses is to get more of the student body involved on campus.  “Something...

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9 Netflix Originals to write home about

In 2019, more and more people are streaming content online every day. And it makes sense; with the rise of Netflix and other similar services, viewing our favorite shows has never been easier. One click of the mouse, and voila! Binge-worthy material is now at our fingertips.  Among streaming services, Netflix led the charge in its release of original shows and movies alongside their syndicated material, and such content has the tendency to skyrocket toward virality at alarming rates (i.e., “Bird Box”). However, the tiresome task of sifting through a sea of choices can sometimes hinder our ability to locate these diamonds in the rough. To eliminate that burden, read on:  “One Day at a Time” This show is a...

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BFA Senior Dylan Dagnan presents “Seminar”

Although he prefers theatrical works with serious themes, Dagnan ensures the process of putting them together is fun. Photo by Kat Bell Senior BFA student Dylan Dagnan debated between majoring in theatre or mass communication before coming to college, but ultimately settled on beginning his UM career as a mass communication student.  However, Dagnan found his true calling in UM’s Theatre department after taking Intro to Theatre with Michael Walker, who thought Dagnan had a natural talent for the craft. It wasn’t long before Dagnan made the switch.   Since then, Dagnan has acted as assistant director for UM productions “The Wolves” and “Rapture, Blister, Burn” during the 2017-2018 UM theatre season. He is currently working with the department...

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SSA sheds light on banned books

UM student Katy Barnes reads from popular banned book “Thirteen Reasons Why.” Photo by Ariel Hall If you ever had to read a book in school, then you’ve probably read a challenged or banned book in your life.  While banned books are removed from libraries completely, many books are challenged, meaning restricted, especially children’s books that are deemed to be unsuited for that age group.  This year, the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) collaborated with the staff of Carmichael Library during the week of Sept. 23 for Banned Book Week, which was held at bookstores, libraries and schools all over the country....

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