/Five podcast to binge this summer
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Five podcast to binge this summer

By Zoe Hall 

  1. Real Life Ghost Stories: This podcast is exactly what it sounds like. If you’re into the paranormal, this is a great podcast to binge-listen since it has over a hundred episodes in its backlog. It retells some of the wildest stories like the Haunting of Hill House and the Boy in the Attic, as well as some audience submitted stories, which the hosts Emma and Dan read during their mini-episodes. Some of my personal favorite episodes revolve around aliens, but they discuss different topics that even skeptics are sure to enjoy. 
  1. Ladies and Tangents: Ladies and Tangents will always be my go-to podcast recommendation. The hosts Ciara and Jeri are absolutely hilarious as they talk about the things in life they find interesting or don’t understand while they get sidetracked along the way with, well, tangents. I discovered this podcast on TikTok, and listening to them 15 seconds at a time always made me laugh, but listening to a full episode makes my day. They’re both incredibly relatable when they talk about how hard being in your 20s is, from the perspective of people who are adulting as the best they can.  
  1. That’s Spooky: If you’re into true crime and LGBTQ+ culture, this is a great podcast that brings the two aspects together surprisingly well. Meet Johnny and Tyler, who like to describe themselves as the listener’s gay best friends, as they discuss some of the darkest true crime stories. There’s over a hundred episodes to listen to, and with so much ghost stories and nightmare fuel to talk about, the show is exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat right there with the hosts. 
  1. Bananas: This show is not about the fruit, but about the news from around the world, some of which is outlandish and “bananas.” Hosts Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes discuss the fascinating and strange headlines and the stories within, sometimes with a guest. The most recent episode of the show discussed a man whose dog went missing near a river, diet noodles that wrecked a woman’s digestive system, and even a device invented to assist with childbirth. So, the podcast has just a hint of both funny, nonsensical and more serious topics they discuss on their show. 
  1. Popcorn: If you’re into movies, Popcorn is the show for you. Hosts Jack Ferry and Mitchell Davis go back with all their guests to movies of the 90’s and the beloved stories and stars that made them such classics for our childhoods. They dive in deep into some favorite films including “Big,” “Home Alone” and “Heathers” and discuss aspects of the movies that I was completely unaware of. I’m not into movies, and if you’re like me, this podcast is a way to indulge into film and get the inside scoop without having to sit through it. 
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Ariel Hall is a writer for The Alabamian. She is a senior communication studies major and enjoys reading and photography in her free time. Previously, Zoe has acted as editor in chief, lifestyles editor and advice columnist.