/Welcome to Montevallo’s Ghost Walk

Welcome to Montevallo’s Ghost Walk

The University of Montevallo is one of the most haunted campuses in America. The stories and tales of ghosts among the bricks of Montevallo haunt students every year. From the little-known story of the Lady of the Rock or the Lady in Yellow to some of the most known stories in Alabama like Condie Cunnigham, there is plenty to retell during this month of spookiness. 

If you ask students at the University of Montevallo about the atmosphere of our campus, most will tell you it feels off, and some have compared it to the Twilight Zone. The eerie feeling of something watching you through the window of King House as you walk to your dorm from Carmichael library, the seemingly random circles of mist that pop up around town, the almost complete silence of the evening and the general feeling of Montevallo form the atmosphere of the campus. 

In the past, The Alabamian has collaborated with Carmichael Library to put on “Ghost Walk,” an annual event where tours are given throughout the campus as we retell the ghost stories of our university. This year, however, due to COVID-19, we have decided to move it to a virtual platform. We will be writing and retelling the core parts of some of Montevallo’s historical hauntings and publishing them online during the week of Halloween.  

We hope to provide a similar experience to previous years and continue to keep the traditions and stories of our past alive for the people of Montevallo. In continued spirit, we have received invaluable resources and aid from the archives of Carmichael Library, and help from university archivist Carey Heatherly and reference librarian Kathy Lowe.  

Follow along as we explore the history of some of these stories and the retelling of some of the more known ghosts and phantoms of Montevallo. As stated above, the stories will be posted to our website and announced daily the week leading up to Halloween. Follow us on our Instagram @umalabamian and our website

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