/SGA appoints Director of Sport Promotion
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SGA appoints Director of Sport Promotion

By Xander Swain

The previous two SGA meetings have seen recent developments with the budget, a new executive appointment and a bill about the Carmichael Library’s Textbook Reserve program passed on March 9. Joshua Brown, SGA Treasurer, announced to the Senate that there was $6,899.85 left in the Senate Budget.  

This budget continues into the beginning of the fall semester.  

Bill 2122-13-037, which was passed unanimously on March 9, was created to provide SGA support to the Textbook on Reserve program, initiated by the Carmichael Library. The bill allocates $2,175 from the Senate Projects fund to the program. The money will be used to purchase up to 15 textbooks with an average price of $145 per textbook.  

The bill was submitted by Manuel Muñoz II, Jordan Kinney, Colton Rodano, Riley Watkins, Ethan Ivy and Heather Collier.  

The Senate also unanimously appointed Bailey Sammons as Director of Sports Promotion for the remainder of the semester. Sammons is a senior who works for the Athletics Department at the Student Activities Center as a marketing assistant for the department. Director of Sports Promotion is a newly created position, and Sammons will be the first to hold it.  

AnaKate Andrasko, SGA President, introduced discussions from the Food Advisory Committee about the smart vending machines at the Carmichael Library, the new cook-to-order system at the Anna Irving Dining Hall and Flex Points. 

There were talks of replacing the smart vending machines at the library with normal vending machines, but consensus among the senators was to keep the vending machines and include better instructions. They also had a consensus that the cook-to-order system recently established at the dining hall had wait times that were too long and lacked clear instructions on how the system worked.  

Andrasko also announced that KFC will no longer be accepting Flex Points, and that Strand Coffeehouse has reached out about potentially taking Flex Points. She also announced that Slice, the long-awaited pizza restaurant, is supposed to open in April, and is also interested in Flex Points.  

The March 16 senate meeting saw a smaller amount of discussion with only announcements and no new or old business. The main announcement of the meeting came from Brown, announcing an allocation of $548 from the Diversity and Outreach Fund. The $548 was split with $450 going towards a Dive In Movie event and $98 to cover costs of the February Wow Weekend.

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