/UM Board freezes tuition and fees

UM Board freezes tuition and fees

The Board of Trustees has chosen to freeze tuition, room and fees for the 2020-2021 school year. This will be the second-year that tuition and fees will have been frozen at UM. The freeze last year was solely focused on tuition and did not affect the raising or lowering of room and fees.

“I think [the freeze] will help students in need meet tuition requirements,” said Dr. Tammi Dahle, the vice president of student affairs.

“We are cognitive of students in need,” added Chairman at the UM Board of Trustees, Todd Strange.

The freeze will not affect out of state or graduate tuition levels. It will also not affect meal plans and students should expect to see a slight raise in the cost of their meal plans next year.

Strange expressed his belief that UM would not always be able to freeze tuition, but that it would be fine for the upcoming year.

The Board briefly discussed the replacement of Moe’s and the possibility of bringing Pita Pit to UM. Since there is a Pita Pit at the University of Alabama, SGA President, Olivia Eldridge reported that she had reached out their SGA and received positive feedback from them about Pita Pit.

Student Trustee, Thomas Dillard conveyed that he believed students were grateful over the changes that had been made to counseling services.

Dr. Mary Beth Armstrong, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, reported on how the Academic Affairs Committee was working to revise the Faculty Handbook.

One of the biggest sections they were working on was revisions to the advising process. Typos in the 2021-2022 academic calendar were revised.

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