/UM athlete starts game on a high note
Thor Audiss

UM athlete starts game on a high note

Audiss (pictured above) is a member of UM’s cross country and track teams. Photo by JoJo Markel

The University of Montevallo women’s lacrosse team delivered a decisive victory over Brenau College Saturday afternoon, with a final score of 23-2. The leading scorers were Nicole Pahnke with six goals and Jami Hudak with four.

This is the team’s highest-scoring game this season, tying Montevallo’s school record for most points scored against an opponent in a single match; before the game, however, technical malfunctions and UM athletic representative Thor Audiss took center stage.

Audiss led the match with a brilliant display of patriotism when the “The Star-Spangled Banner” stopped playing during the commencement ceremony: he sang the rest of song himself because he was working as announcer and happened to be holding a live microphone at the moment of interruption.

“Me being on mic, I felt like we should probably finish it. We were only half-way through, so I just felt like I just had to start singing. And I do not have the best singing voice, you know? To preserve our country and stuff, you gotta finish it.”

Internet connectivity issues interrupted the playback for the national anthem during the opening ceremony of the game due to the audio being played from a Youtube video.

Across the field the players picked up the song, but the bleachers were quiet.

“It really didn’t seem like anybody else was joining in, but I couldn’t really tell because I had the speakers right next to me. But my boss said I did alright, so that’s all that matters.” says Audiss.

Audiss concluded his impromptu solo with a spirited, “Go Falcons!”

The University of Montevallo Women’s Lacrosse team’s next game is this Saturday, Feb. 24 at noon. at the Montevallo Track & Field/Lacrosse stadium, between Vacca Hall and the baseball field; admission is free.

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