/Tips for healthy winter skin

Tips for healthy winter skin

While the summer is when most people worry about the state of their skin, winter’s harsh temperatures and winds can take a toll on even the healthiest complexions. According to the website Web MD there are several methods that can be used to combat dry winter skin.

Avoid extremely hot and long showers that can cause skin barriers to break down and lose moisture. The ideal time to use lotion is directly after a shower, and choose an oil-based lotion to help create a protective layer for retaining moisture longer.

When traveling outside cover your hands and other sensitive areas to protect from the wind. Try to avoid wool-based gloves or scarves due to the irritation they may cause skin.

Kim Moon, physician assistant and director of Health Services, had this advice: “Even though it’s cold outside you want to make sure you continue to drink plenty of water and not too much caffeine,” she said. “Humidifying the room while heaters are running keeps moisture in the air and hydrates skin and hair.”

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