/Champy’s serves up a side of music

Champy’s serves up a side of music

Photo courtesy of John Pocopanni

Champy’s, Alabaster’s fried chicken restaurant, has opened their doors to local musicians of all levels. Every Monday night, beginning at 6 p.m., is the “Wingin’ It” open mic night.

Glen Butts, the host of Wingin’ It, suggests for those interested in playing on the open mic nights to grab an instrument, have two to three family-friendly songs prepared (they can be originals or covers of no particular genre) and be ready to have a good time. “People who are newer to music never get to play anywhere,” said Butts, “so this gives them the opportunity to come play.”

Those who are more interested in just singing and forgo an instrument have the option for Butts to play guitar for them. “I can play most genres and quite a lot of songs,” said Butts, “so it’s very easy to get a jam session going with someone we just met.”

Butts, a local Birmingham musician with over 40 years of experience, began playing at Champy’s a year ago as the guitarist for the Sassy Brown Band. The restaurant’s co-owner, Whitney Henson, soon decided Butts was the right person to host the open mic night.

“Our restaurant is based on the juke joints of Mississippi and therefore music is vital to our atmosphere,” said Henson. “Supporting local musicians and the local community is our goal.”

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