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Think before you wear

The clothes we wear send a plethora of thoughts through the minds of our peers and others. The signals a person gives off with their attire can either make or break them when it comes down to getting a job. Dressing appropriately is crucial not only in the job market but on college campuses as well.

It is okay to dress comfortably, but going to class in pajamas is utterly disrespectful to your classmates, the professor and yourself. Not only that, but wearing them to class also proves just how lazy you are, because it takes the same amount of time to put those on as it does a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

The main signal people are receiving is that you do not care about the class or them, especially if you show up late. Collegefashion.net, a website that gives advice on what should be worn in the classroom, said it is okay to lounge around in pajamas in the dorms, but it is better to dress up for class.

Cocktail dresses and other formal wear are also not appropriate for the classroom because it draws negative attention. It is understandable if people want to be cute when they are going to class, but short dresses and stilettos are not appropriate. You can look just as cute in sandals and a sundress. Overdoing it is only going to make you look ridiculous and cause people to gossip.

Clothing that is too tight or too loose is also a problem. If a man is constantly holding his jeans, he needs to buy jeans that fit and/or purchase a belt. The same goes for women. If they bend over and their undergarments are showing, a bigger size and/or a belt is needed.

Collegecures.com, a website that helps students figure out what is appropriate for classes, says wearing obscene graphics should be left outside of the classroom. For example, a T-shirt that has a marijuana plant on it is inappropriate. Another T-shirt can be worn in its place.

Another issue is wearing clothing that is cut too low. There is a fine line between showing too much and nothing at all. Don’t get me wrong, a little skin never hurt anyone, but be mindful of what others will say. No one goes to a job interview broadcasting their body, so don’t do it in the classroom.

The key is to know what to wear and when. If you really cannot decide or make the obvious decision, think about what your future employer would say about your attire.

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