/Television Shows to Social Distance To

Television Shows to Social Distance To

We’re on week four of quarantine and for many, our watchlists have begun to dwindle to nothing. There are only so many times one can watch “The Good Place” before it gets redundant. So, here’s a list of television shows that you might not have heard of, but will fill the void in your schedule until the next season of “Love is Blind” comes out on Netflix. 

“Dramaworld” (Available on Netflix) 

In this original drama, 20-year-old Claire Duncan’s life is dull as can be. Going from college to her work in her dad’s sub shop, the only thing she really cares about is Korean Dramas. Due to some unexplained shenanigans, she ends up in the world of Korean Drama where she is expected to help the two leads end up together by the end of the drama. It’s a heartwarming comedy, subverting some tropes while playing into others, and the story takes an interesting turn midseason that keeps the watcher guessing as to what will happen next. There are 10 episodes, about 15 minutes each so you can set aside an afternoon to knock this one out. 

“Rilakkuma and Kaoru”  

Available on Netflix 

“Rilakkuma and Kaoru” is a Netflix original series about a year in the life of Kaoru. She’s an average 30-something with average young adult problems – the only difference is her roommates are bears. They teach her valuable lessons about navigating the world of adulthood while still maintaining childlike joy. While episodic, each episode builds onto each other to create a complex world that’s enjoyable and realistic.  This show is a natural balm for stress, with its light color palette and soft soundtrack – perfect for the anxious among us. There are Thirteen episodes and they are 15 minuets each, another great pick to fill an afternoon.  

“Home Town”  

Available on Hulu 

This pick is for the HGTV crowd. “Home Town” is a home renovation show with hosts Erin and Ben Napier where their goal is to fix up every home in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. If you’re a fan of the small-town aesthetic, this show is perfect for you. Unlike some home renovation shows, you can tell that Erin and Ben have a passion for the homes and the people they’re helping. They love what they do and they love each other, making this show so much fun to binge watch. There are Four seasons of Home Town, with eleven to twelve episodes each. They average about an hour and it just might inspire you to do some home renovation with your spare time. 

“Britain’s Best Home Cook”  

Available on Hulu 

If you miss “The Great British Bake-off,” you will love this spiritual successor. It even has Mary Berry! Instead of just baked goods this time, however, we now venture into the world of cooking in all kinds. Much like Bake-off, everyone on this show is a good person – there’s no drama or sabotaging of any kind. Just people who want to share their passion for cooking and eating good food. Currently there are two seasons with eight episodes at an hour each.  I watch it while I eat dinner, because nothing beats the feeling of watching good cooking while eating ramen. 

“Milo Murphy’s Law”  

Available on Disney + 

 “Milo Murphy’s Law” is the spiritual successor to “Phineas and Ferb.” Made by the same creative team, this show follows Milo Murphy and his friends as he goes through lift suffering from Murphy’s Law (the idea that everything that can go wrong will go wrong). Everything you love about “Phineas and Ferb” comes back in “Milo Murphy’s Law” – the great songs, fun writing, and even some characters cross over every now and then. It also doesn’t hurt that Milo Murphy is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic himself, adding a dash more creative energy to an already teeming show. There are 29 hour-long episodes and one hour-long special for those moments where you want to unwind and enjoy a show reminiscent of childhood. 

“The Tick” (2016) 

 Available on Amazon Prime 

This recommendation is a little older than some others, but it’s a widely overlooked show. “The Tick” is part Superhero parody, part straight up Superhero story. The story follows a man named Arthur, an accountant who believes he’s tracking the man who murdered his father. Also hot on the trail is The Tick – a hero with no past who is enthralled by Arthur’s sense of justice. He cons Arthur into fighting crime with him and together they tackle the mystery of whether the Terror is still around. Despite the show being cancelled after two seasons, it’s a very good superhero show that you can spend a few afternoons enjoying.  

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