/Starbucks to Einstein

Starbucks to Einstein

On Feb. 19, Falcon Foods director Scott Giddens confirmed that the empty room that once housed the university bookstore will be constructed into Einstein Bros. Bagels — which will offer cheaper coffee as well as bagel sandwiches. 

Starbucks Coffee will be relocated to the first floor of the library and combined with Ollie’s. It is unknown yet if Starbucks will be in a similar set-up as it is now — with an espresso machine — or if it will simply be a place with pre-packaged goods and hot self-serve coffee.

Farmer Hall is a central, heavy trafficked place where students can easily stop by while bustling to and from classes to pick up some extra energy. Students waiting in line to receive their java during lunchtime said they wouldn’t be bothered by the move and were eager to see the cheaper prices on Einstein’s coffee and food.

While others would miss their Starbucks fix, none seemed passionate enough about the brand to reroute their usual routine to the library everyday. However, students do hope it retains its espresso machine rather than becoming more self-serve.

The Einstein Bros. Bagels menu will consist of freshly made bagels for breakfast and lunch, bagel sandwiches, coffee and espresso, smoothies, sweet pastry treats and healthy meal alternatives like low-calorie salads, sandwiches and smoothies.

Kiera Hood, SGA director of public relations, said she couldn’t wait for the change, especially if the prices were better at Einstein. But she said she hoped it would feel more like stepping into the actual stand-alone restaurant than the way walking up to Moe’s or Starbucks does now.

This coming change may have some coffee lovers worried about losing their espresso with a shot of hazelnut or caramel macchiato made Starbucks style, but Giddens assured that anything you can get at Starbucks you can get at Einstein. It will just come with a different name.

“Einstein competes very well in taste tests,” Giddens said. “It’s not uncommon for them to outsell Starbucks.”

While it might be possible to bring Starbucks over to the library in its entirety with the proper plumbing, the freshly made sushi will not be accompanying it. What will happen to sushi? Giddens said, “We’re not really sure. In a perfect world, [the current Starbucks location] would become a dedicated sushi place, and I would move my sushi chefs out there in front of everybody.”

What’s deterring this from happening is the lack of sushi sales, despite its popularity with a small group of students. It would require Falcon Foods working with the university to remodel what is now Starbucks, but, if a space could be created for it, the university’s sushi partners would probably be willing to stay on.

Exact dates have not yet been set for this change, but it seems the transition should begin over the summer. Flex points will be usable at both Einstein Bros. Bagels and the relocated Starbucks.

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