/First French club crêpe sale is a huge success

First French club crêpe sale is a huge success

From L to R: Faculty Advisor Dr.-Stoops, VP Melanie Berry,
Treasurer Shannon Skelton and President Claire Ezekiel

Members of the French Club smiled at curious customers behind their red and blue table while quickly grabbing at different fruits and fillings, asking the customer if they’d also like toast, a crescent or a “boisson” — a drink. These customers were eventually treated to two warm golden-brown crêpes topped with sugar beside a crisp buttered crescent roll.

The crêpe sale was held March 19 – 20. Prior to the sale,  200 crêpes total had been prepared for both days, but by 1 p.m. on the first day, the French club had sold every last one.

French Club president Claire Ezekiel said, “We hoped that we would be successful, but we had no idea how popular the sale would be.” This unforeseen success had them pressed to restock their supplies and cook another batch of crêpes that night for the next day.

The French crêpe is a very thin pancake made from wheat flour that is widely consumed across Europe.

Crêpes are eaten with a variety of fillings and the French Club offered a few favorites such as Nutella, strawberries, sliced almonds, caramel and jams. Ezekiel said her favorite filling combination was called “citron,”a crêpe with a spread of butter sprinkled with sugar and the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon.

The French club is relatively new on campus — only becoming officially recognized around the beginning of October last year. This is their first big event, and the members wanted to use it to establish themselves as a true part of campus.

The goal of the French Club is to not only gain members interested in the French language but also appeal to those simply wishing to learn about a culture other than their own.

When asked why crêpes were the chosen cuisine for their sale, Ezekiel said, “Crêpes are so iconically French. We wanted to present something unique and expose people who have never had crêpes to a little bit of French culture.”

It was estimated that around 400 crêpes were sold in those two days with a total of over $200  earned. The money went into the French Club fund that will be used for their next event: Tour de France at Orr Park on April 27.

French Club members will be riding bikes around the park and someone will commit to donate a certain amount for every lap completed to fund raise the summer study abroad trip to Paris.

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