/Spectrum takes the stage at meeting
Graphic by Makayla Montgomery.

Spectrum takes the stage at meeting

The latest Student Government Association (SGA) meeting was on Sept. 21. Major topics discussed at the meeting were the latest budget bill, the now open position of the STAR/Higher Education Day Coordinator and propositions made by Spectrum to further LGBTQ+ inclusivity across campus. 

The Budget Bill was passed unanimously after being worked on by the SGA Budget Committee for the past two weeks. About 28 campus organizations have discussed how they will use the money received by SGA throughout the year. The amount of money allocated was $304,000.  

SGA also discussed refilling the title of STARS/Higher Ed Day Coordinator, after the last STARS Coordinator had to step down unexpectedly. This SGA executive cabinet member is in charge of coordinating student marches at the State Capitol in Montgomery to promote more funding towards education from state representatives on Higher Education Day, held during the spring semester. “I encourage anyone to apply, even if they haven’t served in the Senate or an Executive position before,” says SGA President Cody Hodge. It is an appointed position, meaning that the president chooses who is in the position. Those interested in the position can find the qualifications and information on FalconLink, under the SGA Constitution. 

The President of Spectrum, Josie Shaw, also addressed SGA at this meeting to speak on LGBTQ+ related issues on campus.  

Spectrum is the university’s gender and sexuality alliance that strives for more inclusivity on campus. The goal of Spectrum is to act as a support group for those in need of conversating about specific gender or sexuality related issues. 

“Two of my main goals with Spectrum this year,” says newly appointed president Shaw, “is providing mutual aid for different students… it is important for higher education to be that safe place for students to know that they are accepted for who they are.” 

Shaw’s ideas included a gender-neutral clothing swap, events providing contraceptives and reproductive items and lobbying for SGA to push legislation that allows more gender inclusivity on campus, including housing, bathrooms and diversity training. 

The University Program Council have many events lined up through October for those interested in fun campus events or want to punch holes in their AIM Event Cards for free items. There was an SGA Open House at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 27. On Oct. 10 at 4 p.m. UPC is passing out plant kits in Farmer Hall. There will be a Blood Drive sponsored by UPC from Oct. 11-12. The next WOW Weekend will be from Oct. 21-22. Finally, to end October with fun and spooks, UPC will be hosting a Halloween event on Oct. 26.

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