/SGA Recap April 15

SGA Recap April 15

This previous Wednesday, April 15, marked the last day that the SGA elected last spring would meet for the year.  

Olivia Eldridge, SGA President, informed the senate that the process for students to receive their refunds for housing could be a slow one due to the University having to determine students’ eligibility to receive refunds on a case by case basis.  

“It’s going to take some time before we see that money,” said Eldridge.  

Eldridge also said that she would be speaking to the administration to determine how the refunds would work for students who have scholarships which lacked a specific allocation of funds. 

SGA representatives on the University’s Campus Life Advisory Committee informed the senate that all student organizations, including student organizations applying for approval for the first time, had been approved for next semester.  

The SGA still planned to hold their normal banquet, but instead of it occurring in person, the banquet will take place on zoom.  

The banquet functions as a way for the SGA to celebrate the end of the year and give certificates and awards. It also is when the newly elected officers will be sworn in.  

One award was announced at the senate meeting, and that was the senator of the year, which was given to Caitlin Blackburn, a fine arts senator.  

The new senate will meet for the first time on April 22. 

In her final address to the senate as its vice president, Madison Hollon reminded all of the senators to continue to follow the CDC guidelines on coronavirus.  

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