/Rent tools and technology for success with the Library of Things 
Graphic by Bell Jackson

Rent tools and technology for success with the Library of Things 

The University of Montevallo’s Carmichael Library has started an equipment service, called the Library of Things, where students can check out electronics and tools such as cameras, iPads, screwdrivers and more. 

The Library of Things was started by Nicole Rich who said, “It occurred to us that it would be cool to have some tools and items that might be useful to students and the community.” 

According to Rich, she drew inspiration for the library from her grandmother, who raised her to be independent. The Library of Things encourages students to learn new skills by allowing them to borrow items that they may only need once and do not have the resources to purchase.  

The Library of Things provides students with a variety of tools and electronics for checkout such as laptops, tablets and power banks. The library also offers a small collection of do it yourself manuals and how-to books to promote sustainability and equity by allowing students to borrow items instead of buying them. 

The Green Fund is a grant program, which is a grant run by the Sustainability Committee, where students, faculty and staff can apply for grants to fund sustainability projects across campus. The grant has funded several sustainability projects in the past, such as recycling bins, water fountains and bike racks. 

Rich explained the Green Fund has helped make the Library of Things possible, saying, “We’ve purchased all the tools that we can afford to purchase now through the Green Grant. Maybe we’ll be able to find some more funds in the future.” 

Students can apply for grants from the Green Fund until Oct. 10. 

Rich says she is hopeful that this new service will benefit students and the community by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.  

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