/Book Swap: Spreading literary joy 
Graphic by Bell Jackson

Book Swap: Spreading literary joy 

By Kendall Murray

On March 13, the Book and Writing Club, led by club president Carly Harrelson, hosted an event where attendees could bring their used books and trade them for others.  

The club also planned to donate the remaining books to local libraries. 

“We got a bunch of books here that we have read and have already read. And then we have brought them here so other people can bring their books and swap them out and hopefully find a book,” said Harrelson 

Harrelson highlighted the goal for the book swap. She hoped attendees would be able to find a new book they wanted to read. 

“Hopefully people can just find a new book they like and are interested in and maybe even find some new favorite books,” said Harrelson, 

The Book and Writing Club plans to donate the leftover books from the Book Swap to local libraries, hoping to spread literary joy and give others the opportunity to discover new favorite books. 

“The leftover books, we’re going to go to the little public, like the little libraries that are just random across town, and put the leftover books in there,” said Harrelson. 

The Book and Writing Club is a student organization for people who are interested in reading and writing.  

The club meets on Wednesdays in person and Saturdays on Zoom from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. 

Harrelson is hopeful for the future of the Book and Writing Club to have more members and continue to grow. 

Harrelson said the group is open to anyone interested in books and writing to join, saying, “So it’s basically for people who are interested in those kinds of things or want to know, learn more, and it’s open to everybody.”  

“I like that it’s a small, cozy group of people, but hopefully we will have some more people join,” said Harrelson. 

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