/Purple PJ party

Purple PJ party

The music curved through my ears as I got closer to the well-known Tavern. The outfits got skimpier and wilder as soon as the doors opened, wafting out the smell of cigarettes and beer in my direction. This was my first Purple PJ party.

The sound of empty cups hitting tables, people’s feet thumping the dance floor and slurring speech became the norm throughout the night. Honestly, though, it wasn’t too different from a regular Thursday night at the Tavern.

The people at Purple PJ were definitely being social as they kissed strangers and grinded with the crowd. They were also highly amused as many downed so much alcohol that it was impossible to not find everything funny.

I know that I, personally, find most things entertaining when I am drunk, and I definitely found the different underwear and costumes to be hilarious — because of the casualness of it all. I never imagined how cool people would be with someone strictly in boxers and a tie. It was fantastic.

Not too long into the night, there were many people getting sick and throwing up off to the side of the dance floor. Wild dancing and alcohol just doesn’t seem to settle in the tummy quite right. With the party being such a huge hit from purples (of course), golds, alumni and others, it was not that surprising when a fight broke out.

What do you expect when you stick more than 100 people in a small area together with alcohol and half-naked men and women? A boyfriend or girlfriend might wind up unhappy in a situation. Maybe someone’s personal space was just too invaded.

I only saw a girl come out stumbling and struggling as, what seemed to be, her friends carried her out of the Tavern and tried to get her back home. I wasn’t sure at first if her swinging her arms and falling was because she was drunk or being aggressive. I decided that it was probably both.

I am not stunned by the fight nor do I find it to be a big deal. Purple PJ, and even just the Tavern, brings together so many different people, and different people don’t always get along. Do I think Purple PJ is a bit crazy? Yes, but so is Thursday night at the Tav. That’s why we love it.

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