/Podcasts to Listen to during Quarantine

Podcasts to Listen to during Quarantine

As COVID-19 and social distancing continues, some of us, especially us college students now living at home, may be feeling a little stir crazy with not being able to go wherever and do things we’re used to.  

A couple of weeks into social distancing, you may already be bored with binge-watching a streaming service or being cooped up with your siblings. Here are some podcast recommendations for you in your time in quarantine. 

NPR’s “Up First” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, online) 

With the virus, it’s especially important to stay updated on what’s going on. “Up First” is a perfect short and digestible dose of current event and news. It’s a great listen while you drink coffee or if you need a break from Zoom classes. 

“Anna Faris is Unqualified” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, online) 

Celebrity podcasts are not a new concept, but Anna Faris brings on a new twist. In “Unqualified,” she brings on fellow celebrities and they give advice and address people’s questions about relationships, and other things. Guests range from actors to athletes to content creators. These Hollywood types are hysterical as they discuss in-law issues, wedding showdowns and a fear of snakes.  

“Burnt Toast” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, online) 

Hosted by Michael Harlan Turkell, this food inspired podcast has incredible wit in a bite sized package. In just thirty minutes, “Burnt Toast” offers stories about the origins of the “slipping on the banana peel” gag and opinions on replacing turkey with spaghetti as the official Thanksgiving meal. Some episodes offer recipes and kitchen hacks that are perfect to try out during this time of isolation. 

“The Ensemblist” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, online) 

If you’re a fan of theatre, be sure to check out this podcast. With Broadway currently closed, “The Ensemblist” has brought me a new kind of appreciation for the performing arts. This podcast brings on actors who work in ensembles and discusses different parts of the process, from pre-production to creating characters. It’s a good listen for those who are in the arts or for fans and has over 200 episodes available online. 

“Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonalds?” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, online) 

For a distraction, this mystery-solving podcast is all you need. Apparently, back in the 1980s, McDonalds used to serve pizza at certain locations in America and the UK. A self-described freelance investigative journalist named Brian Thompson travels across the States to find out what really happened to pizza at McDonald’s. Awkward conversations with employees and an interesting cast of characters really completes this show. 

“The Dollop” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, online) 

In this podcast, American comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds will give you the best history lesson. In each episode, Anthony tells Reynolds about a story from American history that he’s never heard before, putting Reynolds on the same level as the audience. With the right amount of humor, this podcast tells the stories of everything from the Radium Girls all the way to Uber. 

“CTRL ALT DELETE” (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, online) 

With the former editor of British Glamour, Emma Gannon, this podcast brings a much needed female perspective. Gannon discusses her work and dealing with high profile presence. This podcast has never been more relevant for women in the workplace as it discusses dealing with trolls and social media. 

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