/Pita Pit replaces Moe’s over winter break
Picture of students in front of the counter for Pita PitPhoto by Zoe Hall, Editor in chief.

Pita Pit replaces Moe’s over winter break

As the spring semester begins at Montevallo, students with set meal plans now have a new option with the opening of Pita Pit. Even though Pita Pit has only been open for a week, students have tried and tasted what Pita Pit has to offer and experience what the company is all about.  

Pita Pit is a well-known restaurant for its pita sandwiches that come with a variety of fresh vegetables and meats. Since the addition of Pita Pit, long lines of students occupy the area waiting to try their sandwiches.  

Here, students can customize sandwiches, as well as rice and quinoa bowls. Pita Pit also has a variety of specialty pitas such as chicken pesto, Thai chicken and many more.  

Pita Pit also offers smoothie options such as Banana Very Berry, Berry Go Round, Blue Bayou and Mango Tango, a popular choice here at Montevallo. There are also cookies offered for those looking for something sweet. 

Students are allotted a certain number of swipes on their meal plan to use at Pita Pit. Even if students do not use their swipes there, they can still be used at the cafeteria. For those swipes allotted to Pita Pit, there are two combos that can be used for the student’s meal plan. 

Jason Quarles, the director of dining services, said, “After we’ve been open a few weeks and know what pitas the students like, we can make one of those two a set meal and swap the other one each week but right now we’ve been swapping both until the franchise is open and running and has a sales history.”  

For the first week back at school, students could choose between the two meals, Chicken Souvlaki and Vegetarian Black Bean Patty. For these meals, students also receive chips and a drink along with the sandwich.  

For the second week, the two meals was Thai Chicken and Vegetarian Falafel.  

Quarles said, “Watch social media for posts about the specials each week.”  

Because students have different meal plans, certain plans are allotted different amounts of meal exchanges for Pita Pit. The meal exchanges are as follows:  

Weekly Plans: 

Residential Unlimited plans have 5 meal exchanges per week 

Residential 15 plans have 5 per week 

Residential 10 have 3 per week 

Block plans: 

Residential 200 Block plan has 18 per semester 

Commuter 300 plan has 25 exchanges per semester 

Commuter 150 has 15 per semester 

Commuter 85 has 7 per semester 

Commuter 40 has 3 per semester 

So far, students seem to be pleased with the change from Moe’s to Pita Pit.  

Delaney Eaves, sophomore musical theatre and communications studies major, said, “You wouldn’t expect it but the Pita Pit doesn’t just have good food, the smoothies are also amazing.”  

Eaves grabbed the chicken bacon ranch wrap along with her smoothie and had all positive things to say.   

Another sophomore, Sabrina Smith, history major, had a delightful experience at Pita Pit. Smith tried a Buffalo Chicken bowl because it was popular and said that her food was good.  

“The employees were so nice, gave me recommendations, you could tell that they were happy to be there and it put me in a better mood,” noted Smith noted. 

Smith additionally said that it felt like the Pita Pit had more variety to offer than the Moe’s did.  

Janie Taylor, a freshman graphic design major, bought a gyro at Pita Pit.  

“It was nice to try it because the place is new and I felt comfortable asking the employees questions and recommendations,” said Taylor. 

Taylor mentioned that the portion sizes were perfect for her as well. 

Another freshman, Eric Davis, Jr., theatre major, noted that the food was good but felt that Pita Pit was a little too costly. Davis said, “I tried a steak, egg, cheddar and spinach sandwich, but nine dollars for it was too much.” 

Anna Brasfield, freshman communications major, tried the southwest fajita from Pita Pit. Brasfield expressed, “The sandwich was super good and the chicken and vegetables were all fresh.  

Like Taylor, Brasfield also felt that the portions were a good size.  

Overall, students have taken a liking to the opening of Pita Pit and the options they have available.   

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