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Student resources available at Montevallo

By Aubrie Chastain

At the University of Montevallo, students have a wide range of opportunities to access resources on campus, whether that be through the Carmichael Library, counseling services or health services. While the university has a long list of resources, there are many that students may not be aware of.  

At the Carmichael Library, for instance, there are many resources to aid students with academics. Through the library, students have access to Interlibrary Loans which allows people to access books, articles, DVDs, CDs, journals and more from other libraries outside of the university’s. Carmichael Library will pay up to $30 for a request, after exceeding that amount, materials borrowed will be dealt with case by case.  

The librarians also offer research consultations for students, which helps them find the proper journals or articles they may need for a research project. Students can access this opportunity by scheduling in-person or online appointments. 

With COVID-19 affecting academics, many students need access to technology. While the library has many computers accessible there, students may also check out laptops, iPads, Wi-Fi hotspots, video cameras and more at the circulation desk on the second floor of the library.  

Carmichael Library also houses the Learning Enrichment Center on the ground floor which allows students the chance to have free tutoring sessions. Tutoring is from fellow students who have taken the class that the student may need help in. Students can receive tutoring in math, science, history and many general education classes. Students can schedule appointments by calling the Learning Enrichment Center, or by going to the online portal

There are also counseling services which provide students opportunities to have counseling sessions one-on-one with a professional. There are many other services this center offers such as food and financial assistance. For food assistance, students have access to the Campus Food Pantry which provides short-term assistance. For financial assistance, students can meet with the Coordinators of Case Management and help figure out what assistance they are eligible for. 

Montevallo has also instated the Freddie Support Line, which is a 24/7, 365 days a year hotline that can be called at 833-434-1217 to speak to a licensed therapist. 

Another service offered on Montevallo’s campus is Student Health Services which is an on-campus clinic that provides medical services to students. Health Services is in the East Wing of Main Hall and appointments are required. If the service cannot be performed on campus, the center will also provide referrals for students who need it. 

Health services also provides diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries or illnesses, certain prescriptions students may need, flu vaccinations, as well as HIV and STI clinics offered annually. With COVID-19 being prevalent, the services also offer COVID-19 test kits for students who have been exposed and are available in the office. 

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Aubrie Chastain is a writer for The Alabamian. She is a first-year political science major with plans to attend law school. She enjoys a good book, coffee and hikes.