/New Res hosts trick-or-treating for Boys and Girls Club

New Res hosts trick-or-treating for Boys and Girls Club

Photo by Connor Bucy

Every year for the last six years, the University of Montevallo has participated in a special trick-or-treat event in collaboration with the Montevallo Boys and Girls Club. The event, held in the New Residential College, helps integrate the college students with young children who are sometimes less fortunate.

This year, the Boys and Girls Club is invited back to trick-or-treat through the residence hall on Oct. 29 at 3:30 p.m. and all university students are invited to help decorate the night before. To help encourage student involvement, students in New Res are holding a door-decorating contest and are then supposed to let their RAs know if they wish to allow children to knock on their doors for free candy. RAs can volunteer to help walk groups of children to and from the rooms.

Hannah Hawk, a Montevallo graduate student and the hall director for New Res, has helped to head up this event with the housing department in times past and is fully prepared to do so again. “Each year, these young kids so look forward to the time where they get to dress up and enjoy being around college students,” Hawk says.

Freda Shivers, unit director for Montevallo Boys and Girls Club, says that the children who participate look forward to this fun-filled evening more than any other single event they take part in. Anna Watkins, a junior at the university, has volunteered before and says it is fulfilling to volunteer for this activity. “Not only did it brighten their day, but I left with an awesome feeling like I had impacted some of the children.” If students wish to help decorate or help escort children, they can email Hannah Hawk, HHawk@forum.montevallo.edu

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